Do you know what a speedway is?

Do you know what a speedway is?

  • Speedway (from the English "speedway" - a high-speed road) is a motorcycle race on a track or ice track. The length of the track ranges from 250 to 400 meters. The speed is less than during circuit races.

    Russian racers occupy the leading places in the world in this type of motor sport.

    Do you know what a speedway is?

    I remember we were in the museum of the city of Slobodskoy (Kirov region), and there, among the people of the city that Slobod residents are proud of, a speedway veteran Vladimir Nikolaevich Lumpov (1969) was presented. In the town of Slobodskoy, the ice speedway is very popular. International competitions are being held.

    Leading speedway masters leave the schools of Bashkortostan, Balakovo (Saratov region), Kamensk-Uralsky (Sverdlovsk region), Saransk (Mordovia).

  • speedway - track motorcycle racing, one of the types of motorcycle sports. The number of participants is 4-6 people. in every race. Speedway is popular all over the world, very cheap.

  • ring speedway racing on motorcycles. There are two main types of ice and mud speedway. the races are very spectacular, especially mud bikes and the racers are pouring mud all around and themselves like pigs from head to toe. the complexity of these races is also very high, it is a slippery track and flying mud or snow.

  • Considering that the English word "speed" means "speed", and the word "way" means "way, road" then speedway is a high-speed road.

  • A kind of MOTOSPORT !! Earlier in the USSR, all-Union competitions were held in this discipline of sports.

  • High-speed motorcycle racing on ice tracks.

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