Why can't the fuel level in the car's tank be kept low?

Why can't the fuel level in the car's tank be kept low?

  • A low fuel level in the tank in winter leads to the formation of condensation (frost) on the tank walls, and the lower the fuel level in the tank, the more surface inside the tank is covered with frost. When you refuel, the frost turns into water and gets into the car's fuel system, which then causes the fuel system to fail and the engine stalls.

  • Low fuel level cannot lead to any damage. The car does not care how much fuel you put into the tank, if this tank is in good working order and does not flow. This can lead to the car owner draining the tank and getting stuck somewhere far from the gas station. In this case, there will be no fuel in the tank. But this can already lead to breakdown. Note, not a low level of fuel, but its complete absence. And so, why? In addition, the electric fuel pump, which is located in the tank in most injection machines, will work outside the liquid. During operation, it is lubricated with fuel. The design of the pump is such that the bearings of the armature of the electric motor are made as hydrodynamic. When the armature rotates, it "floats" in the fluid that is between the shaft and the sleeve. Like the axle boxes of ancient cars, or like the crankshafts of an internal combustion engine. Even if gasoline is smeared along the bottom with a "thin layer" in the tank, the pump is always completely submerged in the liquid. This is provided by the design. Most of the pumps are in plastic "buckets". They take gasoline from the bottom, from the bottom, and drive it into the highway. Part of the fuel is consumed by the engine, and part is returned through the return line to the tank. At the same time, it falls into this very plastic "bucket" with a pump. Thus, the "bucket" is always full of gas, even if the tank is almost empty. This construction looks like this:

    Why can't the fuel level in the car's tank be kept low?

    the picture shows the "bucket" itself.

    After draining the tank, you will eventually drain this container as well. Thus, you deprive the pump of the environment necessary for its normal operation. Basically, he won't die in one or two times. But if you "dry up" periodically, then it will very quickly become unusable. And if your car is always low on fuel, then you will. Therefore, it is not recommended to keep the level low.

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