What in our time is more prestigious, Mercedes or BMW?

What in our time is more prestigious, Mercedes or BMW?

  • Yes, it seems to me that time has nothing to do with it. And here is the country! We, in Russia, have always had a Mercedes a little bit more "greyhound" than a BMW! In fact, both car brands are worthy! You can also include Audi here (visually, it is now probably steeper than competitors). But all the same, in terms of prestige, Mercedes does not break out much. These brands have, only their inherent features: BMW - brutality, Audi - style and beauty, and all this is already present in Mercedes. This is my personal opinion and I, of course, do not impose it on anyone.

  • Germans of course Kravchik that there is toit of sin)), but I certainly think that Mercy for a moderate comfortable ride and BMW is a bit of a sportier car, driving performance is much tougher than Merrs !!

  • It must be admitted that not only Mercedes, but everyone else has problems in the German car industry - the Germans simply can no longer afford the pleasure of making "indestructible cars" in order to be able to constantly sell new cars. Therefore, you can forget about "million-plus engines", as well as about cars that can drive for 20 years with minimal investment.

    Like much more budget cars, "geldings" are now really starting to crumble after 5-7 years of operation, and this is at fantastic prices for service and spare parts. With BMW the situation is better, but initially these are cars for a different target audience - more sporty and younger. So, rather, Audi and premium "Japanese" like Lexus come on the heels of Mercedes in the class of "solid cars for respectable gentlemen".

  • In terms of prestige, they are about the same. When they say "German cars", people think about Mercedes and BMWs. But the audience of buyers from them is noticeably different: BMWs are taken mainly by young people no older than 30 years. they are drive-oriented, and Mercedes (especially 90s) are older people with their quieter ride.

  • In my Mercedes and BMW one field of berries in the same price category premium. But Mercedes is traditionally more representative, at least Putin chases on a gelding, and somehow showed some sovereign of a small country, he cut through on a boomer.

    Personally, I like geldings and do not like behi. Yes, of course, the car is of high quality and is worth its money, it is not in vain that it enters the elite, according to merit. I don’t like it because of the stereotype, for some reason, it’s driven, like a BMW meeting, so from the far right without a turn signal to the left or to a red or pedestrian, and in Mercedes more cultured people swim, don’t puff, the ship sails calmly ... be sure to put the sneaker on the floor so that the legs stick out from the bottom, as if everyone is in a hurry to the BMW, and the Mercedes is crawling to itself 80, everyone can already see the numbers on the board, press the sneaker and you will not see it on the horizon. )) and still girls are blown out on them like chickens, and a priori I hate the fact that, like crows, everything is shiny. There was a case, an exhibition of sports cars. I’m standing at a completely insane machine, a Brabus gelding, a Brabus gelding in my repertoire, tuning almost doubled from the factory, it turned out almost a thousand horses. Absolutely so inconspicuous, there are a couple of buttons in the cabin, the nozzles are neatly hidden, no show off ... And next to the beshka there is also a half-sport. All smartly like a New Year's bow, pipes stick out, button bulbs, a spoiler like a bench for grandmothers. And around him there are 3 rows of girls in mini-skirts, although the gelding is steeper in terms of characteristics and there is no one next to him. So yes, the gelding is more personable. Although the class is generally the same.

  • All the same, in my opinion, it is now more prestigious. However, Mercedes Benz cars. And not because I own a car of this particular company, but because, in my opinion, this car brand is more solid and perfect. Gentle cars to you !!! Health and green traffic lights !!!

    What in our time is more prestigious, Mercedes or BMW?

  • There now also Audi plays.

    Mercedes - older models are definitely better.

    BMW - well, small ones are probably more prestigious

    Audi - the quality of the lower and middle models is higher than the first two.

    But all this is very subjective.

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