Is there life without money?

Is there life without money?

  • There is life without money and it is quite real if there are brains in the head and hands grow from the right place, but this is not relevant and no one needs it. There was such a man, Marx, who wrote Capital, and capitalism and communism and socialism were built on it. Everyone sees in him something of his own, but the essence has not changed - to do everything so as to force humanity to work. It's like a religion, there are a lot of directions and the essence is the same, only they interpret everything differently.

  • In our time, you can't live without money, first of all you need to eat something like that, in the second place it is necessary to go naked, and in rags it is also not very decent, and thirdly, you need to pay for housing with something. And for this you need at least some money, which with a small amount, for whatever reason, you can learn to save, or you have to "sit on someone's neck", live at someone else's expense, some conscience allows.

  • If we take Russia, in reality - no, without money it will not work. Back in the old days, of course, we lived somehow, but now society despises it, although the food is animal meat that runs through the forest, various edible herbs, etc.

  • If you live completely without money, then you need to live completely savage. In our time, life without money is not relevant. And so you can go to the forest in summer, make supplies for the winter, autumn and spring. You can take a gun, shoot all sorts of different birds, rabbits. , fill up a wild boar, and here's yours, too. Then catch a fish. But somewhere you need to store it all. And to store it somewhere, you need a freezer.! And you don’t need money. Of course, if you live underground, then there and no refrigerator needed

  • Alas, there is no such life, communism did not come and, it seems, will never come :). So there is nowhere in human society without money. Even if official money is canceled for the sake of experiment, people will still have something that will act as money. I remember such an example from a textbook on economics ... Well, I don't remember literally, I'll give it this way, on my own behalf, keeping only the meaning. In general, Petya has a computer, Kolya has a TV, and Seryozha has an iPhone. The price for all three items is about the same. But at the same time, Petya needs a TV, but Kolya, who has this TV, does not need a computer, but needs an iPhone, and Seryozha needs a computer. How to be here? Serezha exchanges an iPhone for a TV, which he does not need, but then, in turn, exchanges this TV for a computer. In this case, the TV was subjected to a double exchange, and it was he who, in the second case, no longer acted as a thing, but as money. Something like this. It was not my idea. This is the official theory from an economics textbook.

  • There is life without money, but what kind of life is it? According to our concepts, such a life is flawed, without satisfying many needs: once I read about a granny who, for some reason, abandoned her pension and was content with her garden - just imagine how she lived (another option is Agafya Lykova, she generally lived in the taiga alone, without contact with people) Money is needed, you can buy a lot with it.

  • If only in a deep forest. I don’t know how you can live without money. Now you have to pay for everything - utilities, medicine, kindergartens / schools. And food and clothes are not given out for free in stores.

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