Where can you earn 5000 rubles?

Where can you earn 5000 rubles?

  • It is not entirely clear how long it is necessary to earn this amount. If we mean the traditional monthly earnings, then you can earn some money as a promoter - such people are always needed, both in winter and in summer - for example, you can distribute advertisements and products, invite people to cafes and sushi bars, sell Tinkoff bank credit cards to people (here you can earn more than 5), etc.

  • It is quite possible to earn 5000 rubles, especially if you live in a large city. For women, as a part-time job, such vacancies as: salesman, waitress, cleaning lady, animator, nanny, nurse, promoter, postman are suitable. And men can work: a security guard, a janitor, a driver, a courier. You can also find work remotely on the Internet, such as copywriting, writing articles and reviews. And also try to work on our site "Big question". I wish you good luck and a lot of money.

  • It depends on how long it takes, of course, it is hard to make such money quickly on the Internet, it is better to earn it in reality. And if you know how to write texts, I offer you Advego, if you understand management, then you can try on Workle, but you won't earn a lot on polls so quickly.

  • The question is, indeed, incomplete. Many conditions are lacking, such as the age of the employee, education, location of the employer, possible field of activity, level of employment (permanent work / temporary work, availability of days off, number of working hours per month), and so on.

    I will then offer an obvious possible job for the following conditions: the employee is an adult, the level of education is not important, the field of activity is work on the Internet, 5000 is the amount of earnings per month, the working time is no more than an hour a day. The simplest options are:

    1. Internet polls. You can earn much more with the ability to reach the target audience. And on foreign sites (Europe, USA), you can earn like average Russian office workers and even more (the main condition is knowledge of English).
    2. Workle.ru website - 5000 rubles can be earned even for one sale (for example, a CASCO policy).
    3. This site. If your intuition is developed and you constantly find "star questions", then you can earn that kind of money "on the fly."
    4. Copywriting.
    5. Writing reviews about goods (services, services) for a fee.

    Where can you earn 5000 rubles?

  • How long it takes is unclear. If we mean salary, then such work, low-paid, in bulk. Even though she's a cleaner, you can have that kind of money a month for 2 hours a day. The night watchman, in two or three days, will also come out for this amount.

  • It is not a problem to earn this money in life, it is difficult on the Internet. I advise you to do this on several sites, then you may get such an amount. Or take a chance on options and cut even more of this amount in a few hours, but you can merge.

  • 5000 rubles can be earned both in a day and in half a year, depending on the job that they offer or find themselves, and a lot also depends on hard work and understanding that not always a lot of money immediately comes to the house. Here are the options for earning:

    • Writing articles, but for this you need to write a lot of them and be good at selling them.
    • Working as a cleaner in your spare time, not a bad part-time job per month.
    • Promoter, carrying out promotions and campaigns.
    • Stock exchange, online poker. If in the previous paragraphs 5000 rubles can be earned in a month, then here, with knowledge of the labor market, literally in a day.
    • Tutoring. With a good client base, this amount will come up in a week.
    • Writing abstracts, diplomas to order. It also depends on the amount of work.
    • Needlework, sale of knitted products.
    • Baking of cakes, pastries.
  • There are several ways to earn a certain amount per day or for some time. 5000 rubles it will be, less or more depends on your talent, effort, desire, luck and some other factors.

    You can make money by being able to tinker with something, do something, repair something, do needlework.

    You can just find a physical job, for example, as a loader.

    You can get a job as a nanny, cleaner, cook for rich people. These ways of earning will give you income from the first day and, moreover, daily.

    You can earn money through the Internet. There are many opportunities on the Internet to have an income, but do not rely on a large income right away. Income can be received passive, this is when the amount will be charged every day, for example, for authorship on BV. You can make very good money on Youtube with your original, interesting videos by promoting your channel. You can make money on stock exchanges by increasing your capital, but for this you need to learn a little more, read literature. Many make money from scratch by simply collecting bonuses in bitcoins (satoshi), then exchange them on a special exchange for any other currency that is profitable for them and in this way increase their income. For all these listed types of earnings on the Internet, it takes a certain amount of time to start earning more.

    Anyone who has an entrepreneurial acumen, talent, also always finds a way to make money.

  • If you need to earn 5000 rubles a month, not paying attention to the main place of work and, accordingly, earnings, then you need to find a useful hobby that can bring additional income to the family or personal budget, it can be:

    • knitting soft stuffed toys on weekends or in free time, selling them to Avito (homemade, high-quality toys are appreciated and in some demand there),
    • if you know how to draw - start drawing custom cartoons or pictures,
    • have the skills of soldering and understand microcircuits and boards: you can earn extra money by repairing,
    • you can do copyright or rewrite,
    • BV, of course, but here, before you earn 5000 in six months, you have to spend a lot of time, make high-quality posts and in the end the work will pay off, but everything has its time.

    In general, everything that can be done with your own hands or repaired is now appreciated.

  • If we talk about the main job, then a nurse in a kindergarten receives about the same salary per month. In some other areas of activity, the same amount is recruited per week, for example, in some positions in an advertising agency.

    On the Internet, such an amount per month can be earned on copywriting exchanges, as well as on video hosting, if the channel is well promoted and monetized. Also on some sites you can earn money by selling your work. Here everything will depend on the degree of demand for the goods and on some other factors.

  • It is not clear a little over what period you need to earn this amount - if in a month, then there are a lot of options, you just need to open a newspaper with work and find something suitable for you, and for the money you will even get more than stated in the question.

    If on the Internet, then besides copywriting exchanges, I do not know where you can earn such an amount.

  • 100 rubles will not work here all the scammers and pyramids

  • It is completely unclear what kind of work you are interested in, on the Internet or in real life. And for how long you are going to earn this amount. In principle, the money is not at all big.

    You can take the local newspaper and look for ads. Now spring is on the way, you can take up digging gardens, take out the garbage, minor finishing work, or just move furniture. This is for men.

    The easiest way for women to do needlework, if education permits, then tutoring.

    On the Internet, you can quickly earn such an amount if you are good at writing articles.

  • On the Internet, on copywriting exchanges, and if you are fond of something, for example, drawing, then paint portraits to order, there is no single answer for everyone, but this is not a very large amount and there are many ways to earn it.

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