Where can I find a permanent cheap copywriter to work outside the exchange?

Where can I find a permanent cheap copywriter to work outside the exchange?

  • Not enough, actually, but it depends on the topic. If the topic is mine, plus you won't find fault with the little things, and in general the TK is not very extensive, then why not! A simple text of 1000 characters to write in ten minutes, and if there is a guarantee of payment and all that, then contact us!

  • Greed has ruined the frayer. Have you heard this phrase? Indicate topics, raise the price, and let it be through the exchange, then I will agree if it suits you.

    Miser pays twice.

    Well, if you do not remake the question, then the answer is the same - nowhere.

  • To be honest, 10 rubles for 1000 characters is a mockery of a copywriter. I think that you have to pay at least 30 rubles for a thousand characters, since copyright is not a rewriting. And I think it is possible to search on these very exchanges, only negotiations on cooperation should be carried out by mail at least.

  • Place an ad where schoolchildren are "hanging out". For only schoolchildren will compose for 10 rubles. Over a thousand characters. There was already such a rogue here and did not find a slave strength. I wanted them to write texts with a scientific focus for this price. As far as I know, I did not find it. Offer at least 30 rubles. You might even find it here.

  • 1000 characters for 10 rubles, of course you bent it. Probably you also want a unique text for this price. I think that you will have to write yourself. Although I do not exclude that someone who does not value their work will agree to such a price.

    You can try looking for such a copywriter on specialized forums.

  • I think you can look for forums and resources where people are temporarily not working. For example, mothers on maternity leave, students. They often look for a part-time job. More than once I saw such ads, there were a lot of people willing. And then the main thing is to agree with each other.

  • Sounds like an invitation to cooperation. 10 rubles per kilo is, of course, not enough, but newcomers write on content exchanges for a lower price. It's a matter of quality ... If you are ready to rewrite the texts after them, correcting the clumsy language and a bunch of mistakes, then many will want to cooperate with you. There are, of course, those who work for low pay in order to gain a rating, but this motivation is relevant only within the framework of the exchange. Such authors quickly outgrow the level of 10 rubles per kilo-character. The problem is that the former do not sit on freelance sites, and the latter will not work outside the exchange for your price. There is an option: if you are the owner of the site, then give an order to the author you like to comment on an article on the exchange, indicating an email in the comment. Then email him an offer to work outside the exchange. Some customers contacted me this way, although the prices were much higher.

  • this is an advantageous offer since you do not need to drop an article through the site or vote for the author, and even rewriting, give an advertisement in the social. networks or on Internet sites, robots, so you quickly find the person you need, you can even make a competitive selection, so you will find a really smart and ready-to-work person.

  • 10 rubles per kilo? Freelancers are already working outside the exchange, for whom earnings of 200-250 rubles per kilo-character is the past stage. These are people who have worked for the pittance that you offer, for several months and having increased their rating and their own respect, they began to earn normal money.

    I don’t know where you can find people willing to work for such a tiny amount. I have also met offers to write CEO texts for 20 rubles per kilo - well, there are also dreamers among entrepreneurs.

    I don't think you will find anything, but do you know why? make a simple calculation - ten, well, even twenty articles a day - it is difficult to write more and as a result 3000, maximum 6000 rubles a month, for hellish work.

  • I read the answers carefully and was surprised that as an option, none of the respondents offered to take a closer look at the newcomers of this site.

    There are so many authors from whom exquisite, unique text is pouring straight out.

    The entire text breathes with the energy of conveying its main idea, idea to people.

    Explain, tell, convince.

    In a fit, a person writes selflessly, absolutely not counting the number of characters, spaces, and so on that the system calculates so readily.

    The texts are almost all unique, many, much more than a thousand characters.

    How does all this differ from the exchange?

    The question is a topic for copyright, there is a check for uniqueness, and the payment is much lower than the amount that all the authors who answered this question "disdained" for some reason.

    Perhaps something does not reach me, but after working for a year, I reached the limit of three rubles a day at most. And a day here, I write 10 and 20, there are more answers.

    Of these, less than 450 characters is a rare exception, the average response length is 720 characters.

    There are no non-unique answers. There are several, due to the inability to quote examples, unknowingly, at the very beginning, and recently - not at all.

    Not all, of course, the answers are from the heart, sometimes, you will snap at unpleasant questions, game and so on.

    Therefore, the conclusion is that there will be people everywhere who will respond to such conditions. I would have responded if the topics of copyright, especially rewriting, seemed close to me.

  • For 10 rubles? I'd rather go to work as a janitor or watchman, it's easier and easier than for 10 rubles to write unique texts.

  • Right here and now, and, moreover, the best copywriters are working here and now, it is important to ask a question, and you can pay in cash under an agreement. A good copywriter is very expensive, less than $ 2000 for work and will not take it, because a good copywriter brings good income for the site, if they write for less, it means that the buyer is at a loss or hires such a copywriter for the benefit of training. In general, both a cheap customer and a cheap copywriter are first-grade students of a comprehensive school.

  • I noticed this tendency: the employer is looking for a cheap but good employee. To do a good job, you need to have a little intelligence; to do the job even better, you need to be even smarter. And a smart person understands that he is being paid (or is going to pay), is unjustifiably little and is looking for another job. In short, they are looking for a hard-working fool, and then they say that workers cannot be found. Especially in this area.

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