Why can not they hire a trainee?

Why can not they hire a trainee?

  • the trainee should skip work as little as possible during the probationary period, although there are cantors who are specially hired only for the duration of the internship

  • The reason may be the tyranny of the employer - well, he did not like the shoes in which the trainee came to work. It can also be a plan to implement the recruitment of free labor. They take an employee for a week, then they say that he is not suitable. And of course the very jamb of a potential trainee - maybe he managed to break a shop window on the first working day?

  • In the given situation, both the employee, the girl and her employer are wrong. In order for an intern to be hired in the future, he must not only cope with the work, perform all the duties assigned to him, but also not be late for work, not leave it earlier than the prescribed time (agreed with the employer). Of course, no employer needs an employee who will constantly be late or appear at work every other time, or at a time that is beneficial to him.

    As for the employer, he most likely needed a temporary worker or an employee to replace one of the main employees, and in order not to keep an extra person on the staff, he takes such interns. Of course, there can be no question of any further cooperation in this case.

    The girl can only wish to be more disciplined in terms of working hours, listen to the wishes of the employer regarding work and try to do her job as correctly as possible during the internship, not be distracted by extraneous matters, as well as choose a job that is within her reach and adequate employers.

  • The most important thing for a beginner is to show himself to be responsible, easy to learn, ready to work for the good of the company (there are still many criteria for each job). Naturally, it is not permissible to be late at this time when working with clients. After all, because of this, the store can lose a customer.

    But, most likely, being late is not the main reason, but the so-called "last straw", which contributed to this decision. It is better to analyze all the rest of the work and understand where else you could have blundered.

  • Perhaps such a shopkeeper did not want to pay, he considered that one more person would be expensive for him. Maybe the intern was really slow. Employers do not like being late, especially in the first week you have to show yourself 100%, move, smile, and certainly not be late. I am more enraged by something else, they do not take people after study to work without work experience. maybe work experience if I just unlearned?

  • The intern has such a precarious position at work that it's best to do everything as best as possible, come early, leave later, etc. At our work, for example, a trainee girl was not hired because she did not wear a badge. I ran into the director in the corridor. She sent her home. So here any little thing can be weighty.

  • The work schedule of the trainee at the enterprise must be negotiated in advance and the trainee must comply with it. It is possible that the management of the organization did not like the intern for some personal qualities and reasons, or that the company simply does not need employees and everything. You should not despair if the trainee is not hired, or there will be another job, better than the previous one.

  • There may be many reasons, but the main one is just the inadequacy of the position held. Perhaps the girl did not cope, sales, even though for many people look "the lowest level", are actually very difficult. If there is no talent for this, and the character does not allow to fully apply the knowledge gained, then there is nothing to do in active sales.

    During the internship, everyone usually tries to show themselves as some other person, responsible, and so on, and even if, even with a shortened working day, another minus an hour due to some minibus (I was late by 20 minutes, plus the travel time, plus tune in to work and catch your breath). Humanly understandable, but the employer definitely does not care for this, and this is normal. But there are people who can work these 20 minutes by fulfilling and overfulfilling the store's plan for the day, and if the person in general does not cope with the work, plus is also late, does the employer need one? And does this person need such a job, where he is kept for show, and he is idle all day? It is much more unpleasant when you regularly train for a month, you do not get paid for the training, and then "we will call you" and silence. Wow, the time was wasted, but here at least honestly and immediately said.

    What to do next? What can you do here? Draw conclusions and look for another job. Analyze your capabilities. For example, if the girl is an introvert, then look for advantages in this, and not try to behave in the same way as the extroverted salesperson. Reading a couple of books on the relevant topic, even if the work is no longer related to sales, the skill will still come in handy.

  • The trainee girl's mistake was that she was late, that she stayed half a shift, perhaps her mistake was that she was a girl and talked too much about her family and children, about her boyfriend, because of this, the owner might think that this girl was like only she will be hired can go on maternity leave and decided not to take her because of this. What to do? You can leave for an internship before the end of the term, arrive on time without delay, internship from "call to call" and prove to the owner that she is a good worker and correctly perceives criticism. Then he can change his mind and take her to work. Another thing is that he may not want to change his mind, and the internship in terms of employment with this particular employer will be useless, especially if the “internship” does not provide for payment. Then there is no need to stay there, it is better to look for another place.

  • Bad experience at the start is very rewarding. It is also necessary to try again and again at random. After each refusal, there will be more understanding of what is required of you. Trade is an occupation when you need a desire to work with people, delve into other people's problems and understand how and how you can help. They don't just come with money, but leave with the understanding of what they gave the money for. Then a 20-minute delay for grateful buyers will not be a hindrance. Another question is what is meant by "internship" free work.

  • Why can not they hire a trainee?

    Due to the lack of experience, robots in a similar field of activity (sometimes this plays a very important role).

    Because of not punctuality.

    Due to poor learning ability.

    and this list can be continued indefinitely, because it all depends on the type of activity.

    For example, in the field of trade, a person's presentability and charisma are of great importance, as well as how well and freely he can communicate with customers and these qualities can be determined immediately. Therefore, first of all, you need to be confident in yourself and show that you are easy to learn.

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