How do they steal money from bank cards using BEELINE MTOPUP?

How do they steal money from bank cards using BEELINE MTOPUP?

  • Card fraud can be carried out if you know the card number and the last three digits on the back. This is so, information by the way

    Any withdrawn amount of money should be alerted without certain circumstances. Beeline had a similar chip with paying for mobile services. First, the first small amount of money is withdrawn, if you continue to confirm transactions, they withdraw further. Therefore, I advise you to refuse to pay through mobile operators on the Internet

  • There are a lot of dissatisfied people on the Internet about this.

    The bottom line is that the Beeline mobile company has created a new service, "thanks" to which you can easily replenish your phone. You only need to know the bank card number and its expiration date.

    For scammers, such information (which is no longer so difficult to master) is a tidbit.

    As a result, hundreds of victims were injured.

    Who did not have SMS informing connected, they found out about it already when all the money was withdrawn.

    In addition, many people did not immediately understand what was the matter, and meanwhile scammers quickly cleared the account to zero.

    In general, you need to be vigilant and it is better to spend a little time, but replenish your phone account in the good old way - through a terminal or electronic money.

  • The exact same scammers from 89826207591 number just called me

  • I have a maestro’s sber card, a mobile bank is connected to it. Tonight came a few SMS messages about debiting from my account first 500 then 1000 then 500 then 3000 then 6000. In horror, I went to an online bank where I discovered that there were no funds on the card! On the map was part of the sn and part of the children's money. I’m calling the Sber consultation, and there they can’t offer me anything but block the card and go to the police !!! A nightmare as a bank can give money from my card to someone without confirming my transactions by the cardholder ??? what is this? I’m sorry, I don’t get money but earn money, I have no words, only tears! I want to believe that they will return the money, but I think it's not real

  • Some very strange scheme for linking a card to a mobile phone number is allowed by Sberbank: you only need the card number and the expiration date of its validity. The mechanism is too simple - this is what scammers use. It is not so difficult to choose the end date, so it is better to put a limit on the withdrawal of funds from the card by Sberbank.

  • Now it is irrelevant, as I understand it. The service has been significantly changed, fraudsters can’t write off more money by card number. After a fair number of subscribers turned to the police, the mobile Beeline operator stopped simplified replenishment of the balance with a bank card.

    Now, to replenish the account, you need to enter not only the card number, but also the surname / name of the owner, as well as the verification CVV code. It will not work to withdraw money from your card using the selection method!

    recharge balance beeline from the card

  • I lost 3 cards of savings in 6 of the year, the amounts were not small, no one got anything out of there.

    And I don’t understand how you can withdraw money without having the phone number of the owner.

    To enter Sberonline, you need a username and password, to get them at an ATM, you need a pin, a control info is needed through the hotline operator, even the passport data will not help.

    To get the login and password on the website of the sber, you need a cell connected to online.

    The store needs a pin, train train tickets, yes, you can buy a ticket for С7 by saying only the card number, but the ticket will be according to your passport, so it will be easy to calculate.

    But I don’t know about the beeline, it turns out that you can attach any phone to the card, then all your money is definitely pipets.

  • Yes, everything is very simple, if you did not deign to put restrictions on the withdrawal of funds from your card of our valiant "Sberbank", then through the Beeline website and its payment service by entering the card number and the expiration date of the card, you can write off money even without the participation of the card holder and if you do not have SMS notification enabled, then you will not know about the write-off. And what do the scammers do - they enter the card number (where can they find it?) And try to pick up the month and year of the expiration date, but this is not very many options ... First, they write off up to 10 rubles so as not to immediately arouse suspicion and then they send requests to write off larger amounts with a short period of time until the money on the account runs out. And you go write a bunch of statements to the bank and the police. Although now Sberbank quickly returns money from BEELINE MTOPUP. It feels like Sberbank and Beeline themselves created this fraud, but what else to think?

  • Today they called me and said that they wanted to rent an apartment (I’m renting housing), offered to pay a deposit on the card, as a result, said the card number and removed 3000 rubles in parts immediately, they turned out to be scammers through the Beeline system. I didn’t say the code, and you can see the card number anywhere with any person.

  • for this, it is enough to know only the card number and its validity. and that’s it. this can be done if you do not need any password to complete the operation. which comes to the owner’s phone. that's all. that’s the reliability of Sberbank. without problems, you can withdraw any amount from the account, knowing so little data.

  • They can steal money using this system only if authorization is not required when paying with a card. She personally repeatedly replenished the account through the Beeline official website, where confirmation came to my mobile, it was necessary to go to the bank's website and enter SMS. Accordingly, it is unrealistic to steal. But still, most banks do not always use this feature. In general, a lot of cases of BEELINE MTOPUP fraud roam the Internet. Therefore, if your card is not protected and fraudsters have already taken up your card, immediately call your bank and block it! Re-issue the card!

  • Beeline has created a new service - seemingly fast and convenient payment for a mobile phone using a bank card. You only need to know the card number and expiration date ...

    Needless to say, the benefits of this service were appreciated by scammers.

    The victim receives an SMS of approximately the following content:

    "Payment for services in the amount of 2600.00 rubles. Beeline MTOPUP with VISA *** card was successful. And such SMS-ki can start pouring - until the money on the card runs out or the client blocks the card, and this takes time. ..

    Moreover, various methods of registering a card can be used. It is possible that fraudsters can work in Euroset stores and Beeline offices, where registration is also possible.

    This is how money is withdrawn with the help of Beeline Mtopup. Already many victims have withdrawn money from the mtopup Sberbank card.

    How do they steal money from bank cards using BEELINE MTOPUP?

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