How to make money on diplomas, coursework, essays on the Internet?

How to make money on diplomas, coursework, essays on the Internet?

  • I personally cannot call it earning. Why? I, too, once had an interest in something like that, but when I saw the prices for the work, ($ 4 for 1 work), the desire somehow diminished. In my opinion, mental efforts do not correspond to the payment for these very efforts :)))

  • My advice: do not look for orders for term papers, essays, diplomas on freelance exchanges like and student forums. There is no guarantee from the kid. Even if you take 50% of the advance payment, you may not receive the second part.

    Register on the student work exchanges - Studlans, Avtor24, Write, etc. You will give the percentage to the exchange, but it will provide a guarantee of receiving a fee and a stable flow of orders. Only first you need to work on the rating, and when you acquire regular customers, it will be very good.

    An example of prices from the order feed on Studlance:

    How to make money on diplomas, coursework, essays on the Internet?

    By agreement - I recommend, from my experience, to write term papers for 1,5 - 3 thousand, tasks for 50 - 250 rubles. (depending on the complexity), abstracts - from 500 - 1000 rubles., diplomas for 7 - 15 thousand. These are the average prices on the market.

    You can also hire an essay office: the work is more stable, there is no need to look for customers. But the bureau will take 50% - 70% of the order.

  • Such orders often flash on freelance portals, such as:

    Well, and others like them. I also saw portals for the sale of finished works or on order, but alas, I am not aware of the specifics of their work.

  • There are several companies that provide services in this area. They regularly post jobs on remote work sites about the need for certain authors. If you get a job there, then there will be much less problems with orders, but you will have to share income with this company.

  • Of course, you can earn money on writing essays, coursework and diplomas, if you have time for this. Unpretentious abstracts can be riveted in batches, but they cost a penny. At one time I earned money in this way, by the way, also through advertisements on the Internet and in newspapers. Then I sold the same works to the Internet resources, which are engaged in the accumulation of various works on all sorts of topics. You can also do simple translations.

  • Nonsense! You can earn. And pretty good money. But you need to "graze" not on freelance sites, but to communicate with people, post ads near universities, write to newspapers and orders will go. After the first diploma, I got new orders. The world is full of rumors.

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