What are the pros and cons of working from home?

What are the pros and cons of working from home?

  • There are many advantages to working at home (remote work):

    1) You are always at home, which means more time to do household and household chores.

    2) There are no costs for transport and additional meals.

    3) You will not oversleep for such a job.

    4) Convenient, customizable schedule.

    And the minus .. probably one, but significant. As a rule, work from home is low paid (compared to similar vacancies), because in most cases it is a part-time or free-time part-time job. And such vacancies are paid much less.

  • On the plus side, I can include the fact that you are your own boss, you plan your working day, as well as the fact that you do not need to spend money on travel to work. I wanted to work until four in the morning and you can go to bed, woke up - worked, took a walk, etc. On the downside, while working from home, there is the temptation to be distracted by something, such as a movie on TV.

  • Nooo, you can only work at home in an emergency.

    At home, you will definitely do some household chores, you will definitely need to feed the hungry, who themselves will not be able to eat, while my mother is at home. Then wash the dishes after them. Then get some quick work and start making dinner .... and so on.

    It's another matter when you come home from work, and you have dinner prepared, your beloved husband, your beloved son washed the dishes ...

    No, it's better in the office ...

  • I think the main advantage is the ability to manage your time... Working from home is the case when a person decides for himself in most cases what time of day he should work and with what intensity. It can be allowed to flexibly adjust the working time.

    At home, you can create yourself that pleasant atmospherethat will please and stimulate the workflow as much as possible. The main thing is not to overdo it with comfort, so that you don't want to relax, instead of the work process. Although when it comes to creative inspiration, the atmosphere is one of the most important factors.

    Solitary silence, the ability to concentrate... There are more external annoying factors at official work, not to mention other people and extraneous noise.

    The rest is:

    instability (earnings depend only to the extent that efforts are made - after all, they do not pay for the number of working hours, as a rule);

    irregularity graphics can also be confusing, relaxing and even interfering.

    Well, if everything is in order with self-organization and the person confidently takes responsibility for himself, then working at home will not create any problems.

  • If you can allocate working hours, then there are no downsides to working from home. It's just that sometimes something like excitement arises if they pay you, for example, for the number of pages written or packed disks, etc. It's exhausting - you still need to rest. Another insignificant minus - in case of illness, no one relieves you from work and does not pay for this downtime. It is possible to warn the employer about the illness, but most often you will not receive money during the illness. It's the same with vacations. Therefore, if you are applying for freelancing under a contract, discuss these points.

  • The advantages of working at home include: a free schedule, you can get up later, do not waste time and money on the way to work and back, do not be in a stuffy and noisy office, you will not be jerked like in the office.

    The disadvantages of working at home include: an unemployed working day, it is possible that household chores and worries will be distracted.

  • Of the minuses, it is left to itself: you often forget to rest, start work or work at the same time, a certain amount of time, etc. In general, there are problems with discipline, especially among those who are not naturally predisposed to it. When you work outside the home, it comes home to become more pleasant, there is some kind of a kind of pleasure in it, here on the contrary. Of the minuses, perhaps all, of course, there are much more pluses, one of which is freedom. Your head hurts - you don't work, it doesn't hurt - you work and you don't have to make excuses to anyone. And also the opportunity to earn a certain amount of money is not limited (theoretically), in fact, investors also "work" at home. You don’t have to put up with people you don’t like, with whom fate brought you together by mistake, and in the end, you don’t need to spend money on the road and much more :).

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