Why is it so hard to find a job after 50?

Why is it so hard to find a job after 50?

  • Because this is how life works, and besides, the economic situation in the country does not contribute to the respect of older workers. Young people are also dismissed and laid off if the difficulties in the company or the person does not correspond to his position. Everyone thinks only of himself. And the owner of the company and even more so.

    Indeed, there are a lot of places where an older worker will not be quite appropriate, even if he is quite competent - because of the appearance, at least, where young slender girls and boys are needed, since they represent the company.

    But there is no need to despair. It is clear that the money for life is simply necessary, the pension is still far away. You need to start acting purposefully. this is the only way out:

    1) think, maybe you can master a new profession in a short time, which is now the most in demand, an accountant, for example;

    2) work with ads, sometimes suitable vacancies are vacated, send your resume to organizations, talk with acquaintances and friends, maybe they can help you with something;

    3) try to "go free floating" - leave your official job and start providing services - housekeepers, nannies, etc., they pay well for them;

    4) as an extreme option - temporarily lower your level, start working in a low-paid position, looking for something suitable.

  • If we are talking about a large enough city, then, it seems to me, it is difficult to find a well-paid job, and not a job in general. Employees are constantly required in the field of health care, education, housing and communal services, the need for bakers, tailors, builders, locksmiths, sellers, etc. does not dry up. That is, there is work, but it is paid rather low, and you have to look for another part-time job, but this is already exhausting both mentally and physically.

    50-year-old applicants, naturally, do not want to settle for low-paid jobs, because with their experience and professionalism they deserve better remuneration. Therefore, it is beneficial for managers to accept the young and inexperienced, who are assigned a modest salary. It is also important that young people are able to work more intensively, withstand greater loads, strive for personal and career growth, they have more economic returns.

  • Because at this age there are health problems, the appearance of the employee is not attractive compared to young people, not so high endurance and speed of work, it is difficult to train at this age and psychologically, like a 50-year-old employee, to listen to the reproaches and orders of a 25-year-old boss who, for example, has a higher education and therefore considers himself smarter than you. There are people at this age who agree to work for a lower salary than young people. Some employers take advantage of this. This is all my opinion.

  • Hmmm .. this is the age barrier. Too old to rock and roll, too young to die, as the saying goes. In addition to the aspects already listed and the reasons why employers give preference to people who have not crossed the 30-year milestone, we can name one more thing. By the age of 50, a person has already received basic life lessons and experience, acquired social skills and priorities; he knows many situations, including those related to employment and the production process, firsthand. It is not a secret for anyone that there is a category of dishonest and dishonest employers who "hire" a person with a probationary period and at the end of this period part with the employee, often or not paying him at all under various pretexts (shortage, fines, etc.). or by purely symbolic payment of some penny, which does not even cover the cost of travel for this so-called work. Naturally, in such a situation, a person of age has more chances to defend their legal rights than a girl - yesterday's schoolgirl, who will be put on all sorts of beautiful promises when hiring, and in the end she will be glad that she managed to quit without major troubles.

  • The question is on the topic of the day, as they say. If we analyze the situation, then we can distinguish several reasons why difficult to find a job after 50:

    • The employer believes that thinking in people after 50 is conservative, largely outdated. The knowledge and skills that mature people possess are now irrelevant. Sluggishness in thinking interferes with work.
    • The employer fears that an adult in a young work collective will teach, instruct, and criticize everyone.
    • The employer is not psychologically ready for a big age difference with his subordinate. For many leaders, there is a problem: "How to subdue an adult who suits you as a mother (fathers)."
    • The employer is afraid that an older subordinate will not withstand the stress, will often refuse to perform difficult tasks, complain of migraines, pressure, back, etc. The result is a sick leave.
    • The employer understands that an experienced employee “cannot be fooled by chaff”, which will significantly complicate his life. Such an employee usually has big ambitions. Easier to manage inexperienced and young employees.
    • An employer cannot always be sure of his qualifications, and an experienced employee can easily bring him “to clean water”.

    Based on the above, you can come to the following conclusion: you need to be able to convince the employer that you are not like that (not like that). Then there will be chances.

    Why is it so hard to find a job after 50?

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