Runneft - reviews, can you trust the company?

"Ru-Neft" - reviews, can you trust the company?

  • It looks like the site has closed, there is no connection to the DNS Server. Sorry...

  • registered about a week ago put a small amount of money accruals go every day at 23 o'clock tried to withdraw funds everything is displayed at the moment there are no claims to the project, what will happen next?

  • I don't know about you, but I had savings of 600 rubles. And now for the third day I can not go to the site. It gives out that there is no DNS connection to the campaign, my hard-earned cries and the sai just closed!

  • BEONPUSH is an official company registered in the UK and Luxembourg. Now the office has moved to DUBAI!

    ? Min deposit $ 20, withdrawal from $ 2

    ? Profitability 1% -3,5% per day!

    ? Promising and rapid development around the world. A legal and very promising company with a real business in the field of Internet sales offers cooperation in the form of equity participation in the advertising business based on the unique RTB technology. Registration tatayana72

  • 22.05.16/38,8/100. 1,5 rubles on the account 48% profit in approximately XNUMX months, more precisely, in XNUMX days. I sit in thought to continue or not. If the site does not issue a registration certificate, you will have to dump. Looked in the Yandex map, LLC RU NEFT is not visible at this address. Doubts are growing. Who are these people who are in charge of my blood?

  • I also do not display, everything hangs in the processing for days

  • Everything was fine, in the last days they accrued decent interest and .... today I can not log into my account - there is no connection to the DNS server. I have already seen this, but then the site closed and it looks like it's time to delete this from bookmarks (((

  • 30.05.16/XNUMX/XNUMX. Lost connection to the site. It looks like they threw it. They saved up for themselves and that's it! It's a pity to give money to scammers!

  • Posted by [email protected] Dear RU NEFT team, you are going to react to reviews and at least somehow gain trust. Please show the registration certificate. I waited three days, but there is still no answer. The hike is sooooo busy or has nothing to show.

  • The Ru-Neft website ( has a terrible reputation as a typical scam, a la throw in 100 rubles and make a million. All these callsigns "input and output from 1 ruble" are an elementary enticement of gullible people who are looking for someone to give their money to.

    All good reviews were probably written by the developers themselves. Perhaps some small conclusions and makes to gain the reputation of "real earnings", and then at first, but large sums of people do not withdraw and will not return, alas. These sites don't last long.

    People, stop trusting slogans about easy money! Real money is earned by labor or talent, not by air.

    If my reasons are not enough for you, you can also read the reviews here and here.

  • The scammers threw us on the hike ... health to them ... for many years ... !!! They fail to establish a connection to the site.

    Unable to find the DNS address of the server.

  • Unable to connect to the site.

    Unable to find the DNS address of the server.

  • Runneft is a company that positions itself as a broker. That is, you give her your money to manage and they already play with it on the stock exchange. This is what Finam or BCS do. Profit depends on successful work on the stock exchange. For a week they can profit and at the same time there can be losses. I'm not sure if this will work for long. Usually no one gives such a high income.

  • Ru-Neft is the company that should not stop your attention, because it does not deserve any trust, which has already been proven by many examples. Nobody managed to withdraw the money, when attempts to withdraw this system it just seems to hang for everyone and everything. In general, there is one answer - this company, like others, is fraudulent.

  • there is no withdrawal for 5 days already today I can not go in rather they are stuck

  • When people contact such companies, and there are a great many of them on the Internet, they must clearly understand that they are taking risks, or rather, consciously take risks. It is believed that a person can invest as much money as it is not a pity to lose. Therefore, there is nothing to complain about if the company closes and you lose money.

    The other side of the issue is the profits of the company itself, they also have ups and downs, because this is the market. The accruals to those who entrusted their money depend on this. On some days they are high, on some days the company suffers losses.

    As for the Ru-Neft company, in the beginning, in order to attract customers, it paid well, as evidenced by the numerous reviews of those who invested. And then, when difficulties began, they began to slow down the payments. It is difficult to predict the future of the company, but one can hope for the best and take it easy in case of failure.

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