How much does a film or theater director earn?

How much does a film or theater director earn?

  • The theater director receives a salary according to the staffing table, and this salary depends on the category of the theater, in which city this theater is, and what its level is. The level of the salaries of the leading Moscow theaters can only be dreamed of from the point of view of the owner of the average salary in the country. , so here the issue is solved every time in different ways. Much depends on the producer of the film, what money will flow into the treasury of the film. How the money will be spent in the process of making a film, which is not unimportant, funding is often revised more than once during the making of the film, and in foreign projects. But the director of the sensational blockbusters received a lot of money after the rental. And everything depends on the rental. So one director differs from another in terms of earnings very, very much.

  • The size of the director's salary is difficult to name, because it consists of many components and each director has his own.

    If you look at the statistics of vacancies, we can conclude that in Moscow and the region the average salary of an ordinary director is 60 thousand rubles, in the regions - 20-30-40 thousand rubles, depending on the place of work. But this is about ordinary directors.

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