Is it important to you how far your work is from home?

Is it important to you how far your work is from home?

  • This is one of my main requirements for work. I studied for 5 years very far from home, it took 5 hours to get there and back (practically one more working day, especially considering the six days we studied). I got up at half past five and arrived at 7 pm. As soon as I received my diploma, I said to myself - I will never spend so much time and energy on the road again in my life. For the same reason, I gave up my postgraduate studies.

    Even if I earn less, I will not achieve a high position - but I will not work further than half an hour's drive from home. Now I am working fifteen minutes walk from home - and this is the very thing.

  • I used to think it didn't matter. It seemed that while I was working in 30-40 minutes from home. And then after a while I began to work at my current job and "skate" for 2,5 hours a day. Little pleasant. There is little free time, you have to spend money on travel cards. I hope to improve the work of transport, since there are real prerequisites. And then, still it will be necessary to see what will be the saving of time. If the road continues to be as long, then I will think about looking for a new job.

  • An important factor! The closer the job is, the less chances you have to come to it already tired and in a bad mood. The time we spend on the road is much more pleasant to spend on another pastime. And it's also financial savings.

  • For me it's so important that I work as a copywriter from home!)

    Well, but seriously, in my journalism specialty there is absolutely nowhere to work in our small town. But, if there were, then everything is so close here that you can drive in thirty minutes from end to end.

    But with megalopolises - it is, of course, more complicated. Personally I would never agree to spend three hours daily on the crush among sweaty bodies in the subway or useless sticking out in traffic jams.

    It, least, not rational... After all, we have only one life. And there is absolutely no reason to waste it on trifles, if you can find more rational use of time.

  • This is an important factor for me. I would prefer to work (if in my specialty), then not very close to home, so as not to meet strongly familiar people, but not far away, so as not to spend a lot of time on the road. I will say this - 30-40 minutes from home would be ideal for me. Actually, I worked like that for almost 5 years.

  • Yes, I would not want to travel to work across the city. I would only agree to this if it was a dream job. And so I try to look for work closer to home. It is desirable that you can walk on foot.

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