Is Sberbank's action "1000 rubles per card" worth trusting or fraudulent?

Sberbank's action "1000 rubles per card" is it worth trusting or a fraud?

  • No matter how much you deceive us, we are still so gullible. Itself almost fell for this bait. It's good that I came across this question. I have a salary card from a Sberbank, it is not known how much money it would take from my card. But I don't trust Sberbank and banks in general, so I try to withdraw money from the card right away. Once I just lost 1000 rubles from my Sberbank card. I went to Sberbank to sort it out. To which my "favorite" bank told me that 1000 had left by entering the pin-code, "and the client is responsible for the safety of the pin-code." So the bank has nothing to do with it, will not help me get the money back. They said - contact the prosecutor's office. Naturally, because of 1000 rubles, I did not go to the prosecutor's office ...

  • A new type of fraud, which quickly became widespread, uses the substitution of its Sberbank site with an identical interface.

    In social networks or by spamming, information is distributed that Sberbank is conducting a campaign in which it distributes money to its customers with a bank card in the amount of 1000 rubles. On the site you only need to specify the full details of your bank card and the number of the phone attached to the card.

    After receiving this information, the attackers will withdraw all the money from your card.

  • Sberbank promotion "1000 rubles per card" phishing! Fraud! Divorce! Sberbank and no other bank holds such shares.

    Sberbank's action "1000 rubles per card" is it worth trusting or a fraud?

    Judging by the fact that many are carried on ... scammers earn. Therefore, thank you for your question! Let as many people as possible learn about this type of fraud.

    More recently, on a specialized forum appeared analysis of this scam can read in detail here.

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