Where is the specialty of economic cybernetics applicable?

Where is the specialty of economic cybernetics applicable?

  • Economic cybernetics is a discipline that combines economics and cybernetics. Accordingly, a specialist with such a title in the diploma can get a fairly promising job, associated primarily with the digitalization of the processes of the macro- and micro-economy. On the other hand, it can improve economic theory and practice by applying the laws of cybernetics (first and second orders). In any case, the resulting specialist should be in demand both in international firms (such as Siemens) and in government institutions related to the economy and finance.

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  • The specialty associated with economic cybernetics is quite a wide profile.

    Where is the specialty of economic cybernetics applicable?

    Therefore, first of all, the sphere of application is economics, these are economists, logisticians, marketers, analysts, management.

    Where is the specialty of economic cybernetics applicable?

  • If you graduated from the Faculty of Economic Cybernetics, you can choose a job with a wide range of positions:

    director of a small high-tech enterprise

    systems analyst of companies and enterprises

    IT manager

    IT and communications analyst

    teacher of computer science and IT

    network administrator

    deputy director of IT

    bank economist analyst

  • The focus of practical and laboratory classes on the development and widespread use of computer technology can improve the efficiency of economic specialization.

    The expansion of education in the field of economic cybernetics necessitated the opening of a section of economic cybernetics within the framework of the scientific-methodical commission for economic education under the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine. This section actually develops the state standard of Ukraine for the preparation of bachelors, masters and specialists in economic cybernetics, as well as the standard of economic-mathematical and information training of economists of all other economic specialties. The section prepared a decision on the scope of normative disciplines and identified universities that are responsible for the development of curricula in these disciplines for all economic specialties, as well as the mutual exchange of teaching materials and the resumption of the practice of inviting scientists and university professors to lecture on topical issues of economic cybernetics .

    As for the use of specialists in economic cybernetics in practical life, the area of ​​their application is extremely extensive: from university professors and researchers in the field of economics, to workers in the management systems of production and economic systems, and first of all, where computer solutions are actively used.

    Today, the main task in economic cybernetics is to determine the directions of the most promising, relevant research, the development of complex problems in which economic cybernetics, interacting with other branches of science and technology and, first of all, with economic ones, will ensure the effective functioning of the country's economy as a whole. and its constituent economic objects. And hence the task of coordinating research, the need to ensure close interaction of specialists of various profiles, engaged in solving the problems facing economic cybernetics.

    Thus, economists in the direction of Economic Cybernetics, highly qualified in the field of organizational management and economics, who own modern mathematical methods of analysis and forecasting of economic situations, using the latest information technologies, who are able to organize work on the computerization of economic objects, are experts in modern economics and management of production and economic systems.

  • In universities, when receiving an education in "economic cybernetics", they tend to focus on economics, mathematics and information technology. After university, you can work as an economist, and a programmer and analyst.

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