What is the mcc of Kukuruza (Kukuruza bank card)?

What is the mcc of "Kukuruza" ("Kukuruza" bank card)?

  • MCC 6538. Listed as Manisend. Many banks don't like Kukuruza. Just the Antikukuruza program)

    What is the mcc of "Kukuruza" ("Kukuruza" bank card)?

    For example, when transferring from a card, TCS is listed as a cash withdrawal, the grace period for credit cards is lost. When transferring from other cards, no operation occurs at all.

  • Kukuruza's payment office has mss-codes of operations 6538 and many banks we know do not like it. And the question arises for what and why?

    The answer is very simple, as it is a simple cash withdrawal method.

    By the way, the QIWI electronic money system has mss operation codes similar to Kukuruza, these are 6538 and 6051 codes, such codes can be interpreted as money transfer or cashing.


    Such banks as the Bank of Moscow and Uralsib Bank do not like corn at all, this includes VTB24

    and Renaissance Credit, among many others.

    And Kukuruza is an accumulator of bonus points. For each purchase using Kukuruza, you can receive bonuses.


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