Collection agency "Phoenix": reviews, features of work and complaints

Quite often, banking institutions involved in issuing loans resort to the services of so-called collectors. We are talking about companies that recover debts from unscrupulous borrowers. There are many stories on the Internet about how such companies operate and what methods are used in the course of pressure on a client in order to make him pay.

However, this article will be talking about an agency that does not do such things. Its goals are: helping borrowers to optimize their debt, consulting and other services (we will talk about them in more detail later).

And the article will provide an overview of how the Phoenix collection agency works. Reviews of banks' clients, a description on the company's website, as well as an analysis of services - all this was used to create this review. You can see the results below.

Agency characteristics

Let's start by describing the history of this company and the prerequisites for its creation. It is no secret that the Phoenix collection agency (reviews can confirm this) was founded on the initiative of Tinkoff Credit Systems Bank (TCS) in 2014. The reason, as explained in the financial institution itself, was the rise in the cost of the services of other companies that are engaged in servicing "problem" debts.

Collection agency

As a result, the current organization is now engaged in a full cycle of debt collection, serving borrowers who do not return the borrowed funds within its structure. This is both convenient for the clients themselves and much easier for the bank.

As indicated on the institution's website, the agency's team includes professionals of various specialties who are working on a common goal - the return of borrowed funds and the restoration of loan portfolios.

In the financial services market, despite such a small age of the company, it is a full-fledged entity that successfully serves its "parent" organization - TKS Bank.

Types of services

The Phoenix collection agency (reviews of which we are interested in within the framework of this article, first of all) is primarily concerned with informing a person about the need to pay off debt. This is done (in practice) by phone call and written notification at the address of residence of the bank's client.

As the reviews describing the Phoenix collection agency show, clients received such notifications immediately after the formation of debt. In them, representatives of the agency asked to contact them at the contact indicated in such instructions. Of course, if a person did not contact him on his own, the company's employees were forced to contact him forcibly, literally bombarding him with calls.

Collection agency "Phoenix": reviews, features of work and complaints

This is also reflected in the reviews of debtors describing the Phoenix collection agency. True, they do not, as a rule, mention the fact that they themselves ignore the requests of the collectors, who have the legal right to demand the return of the debt (assigned by the bank).

Tips for debtors

In such cases, when a representative of the Phoenix collection agency makes contact with you, it is better to use the advice provided on the company's website in the special section “Debtors”.

In particular, it states that if you really got a call from their office, it means that you have a loan debt that should be repaid. Next comes a small instruction: according to its first point, the main thing is not to avoid contact with the agency's employees. If the bank has assigned its right of claim to them, this means that they have all the data in the company on you as a client. Therefore, it makes no sense to hide, not answer calls, ignore them. Most likely, they will find a way to contact you in some other way.

Collection agency

It is also important to understand that debt will not disappear by itself. Naturally, the collectors do not have the right to use threats or in any way violate your rights - they have no competence for this.

On the other hand, if you really do not pay back the loan you have taken, you have nowhere to go but to pay it back. Otherwise, the receipt of threats from the Phoenix collection agency will soon cease (even if there have been any), and the situation will go to court. There, of course, you will be awarded an obligation to repay the debt. It will be possible to collect it through the ship's bailiffs, which implies the possibility of forcible seizure of the pledged object and other items to compensate for the debt on the loan. Agree, this outcome is not the best for both you and your family.

Payment and contact

Therefore, we recommend that you fulfill the requirements only to the extent that concerns the return of this amount of funds. Reviews about "Phoenix" (collection agency, Moscow) show that it is best to conduct a dialogue with this company, to show their adequacy and willingness to return funds. The only thing is that you need to explain exactly why you cannot do this right away.

reviews about

If you do not hide, ignore their requests, and openly declare your readiness to cooperate, the company will perceive you completely differently. Then the appearance of the Phoenix collection agency in your history will, on the contrary, be a plus, since its representatives will help you optimize your debt as much as possible and return it as quickly as possible.

Moreover, if you are a conscientious borrower, the company can make concessions to you, agreeing to restructure the debt or change some of the terms of its return. This is another advantage of peaceful dialogue.

Debtor reviews

In fact, as the comments of people with experience of working with the company show, each debtor does things differently. Someone really prefers to go to the "peace" with the collectors, explains the situation to them, promises to return the funds under certain conditions (for example, in a couple of months, after the salary) and receives some loyalty from the lender.

receiving threats from a collection agency

Another way is to ignore, hide, show aggression towards company employees. This option will certainly lead to the fact that a complaint is filed against the collection agency Phoenix LLC, where people describe their stories about rude employees, illegal ways of working, and so on. Most often, such appeals (and they go to the prosecutor's office and the police) do not give anything, since the agency acts within the framework of its powers. But the client, arguing with representatives, only spoils his nerves and loses precious time.

Therefore, reviews about the company are most often negative, since they are written by people who have already quarreled with this agency. At the same time, they could correct the situation and treat the problem differently.

Work in a company

Since Phoenix is ​​a young structure, it is not surprising that a fairly large recruitment of personnel is carried out here. For young professionals, this is another opportunity to get a job in an interesting place, gain valuable experience, and build a career.

complaint against collection agency llc

We were unable to find employee reviews describing the Phoenix collection agency, apparently, the reason is the small age of the company. However, this is also a good indicator, since it indicates the absence of various scandals and known unpleasant stories associated with this company. Probably, there is no staff turnover, which is why there is simply no one to write reviews of former employees - not many people worked here.


Despite the fact that the company is already operating, there is a fairly wide range of employees. The most demanded are two positions. This is a specialist in communicating with clients “on the phone”, as well as a representative of the company “on the road”. Essentially, both vacancies have similar characteristics and are very similar in terms of the set of job responsibilities. A person must be able to communicate with other people, formulate his point of view, convince. In the work of the collector, these skills are typical and necessary qualities.


In addition to the above-mentioned qualities necessary for an employee of the Phoenix company (a collection agency, the employee reviews of which we could not find), you can also add a desire to earn money (it is not surprising that this is a necessary feature, because the collector has a percentage of the loan funds returned to them) ; stress resistance (also an obvious quality that people need to communicate with debtors); the ability to work a lot (everything is clear here, the work of an agency cannot be fully standardized).

the emergence of a collection agency


So, we have presented to your attention the basic information on how the Phoenix agency works. Of course, the details of his discovery, some minor moments in the history of his activity, and many other interesting facts that could be mentioned would not fit here.

Therefore, let's just say that this is one of the new companies in the financial market, controlled by the TCS bank. This means that he will transfer debtors who do not pay money on loans to this agency in order to advise them and further optimize their debt. And, in order to simplify the situation, a person who owes a debt to a bank should heed the advice of collectors and restructure his debt in such a way as to pay off it as soon as possible.

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