The dollar exchange rate in 2015 will be 35 rubles, and the euro - 40 rubles? Is it possible to?

The dollar exchange rate in 2015 will be 35 rubles, and the euro - 40 rubles? Is it possible to?

  • Maybe this is possible, if they stop fighting in Ukraine, the United States will accept the fact that Crimea belongs to Russia, and if countries lift the sanctions against Russia. I hope by the end of the year we will see the dollar for 34-35 rubles, euro for rubles for 40. Maybe less.

  • Yes, it will, if they make a denomination of the ruble. But if without sarcasm and jokes, then this can happen, according to various forecasts of experts and analysts, it is believed that this could happen in the second half of the year 2015. If the president and the government are not in a panic and allow themselves retaliatory measures (sanctions) on the behavior of the West, this may mean that we have something in stock, the times have passed when Russia went with an outstretched hand, asking for help from the same states that we are now these sanctions and impose. At least you want to think so!

  • I want to believe in this forecast. What Russia is worse than Iran, which was able to protect its national currency. Yes, the states according to the forecast of the CIA will be hot in the spring and they will not care for us. In general, raise the glass for the fact that this forecast came true in the 2015 year.


    Here they claim that the dollar exchange rate in 35 rubles is locally possible in the summer of 2015, and we’ll see and wait .. Then they say the opposite will happen, the ruble will decline to 125 rubles per dollar .. And then the collapse of the United States

  • I think such courses are possible, if the mentality of Russians starts to change, the attitude to money will change. Money will not be considered as only evil, but will be considered as a necessary means for development, arrangement, and help to people.

  • I think this is fantastic. There is a high probability that by the end of 2015, the exchange rate of the ruble against the dollar and the euro will be two to three digits. And all the reasons for personal ambition and not the ability to admit their mistakes. And, of course, in the theft.

  • This can be only if all the stars develop as needed. Those. oil will return to the position of 100 dollars per barrel, the war will end, Russian sanctions will no longer be put forward, the United States will calm down that Russia owns the Crimea. Then there are chances that we will see a dollar on 35 and even on 31! But it seems that the United States does not intend to minimize its positions against Russia, so we may not wait for this moment.

  • The dollar exchange rate 35 rubles and the euro 40 is the plot of a fantastic blockbuster. In any case, the Russian economy does not have any prerequisites for withdrawing the ruble from the basement of the world tournament currency table. Until recently, all of which he held was high oil prices, the basis of Russia's exports. But as soon as they were overpowered by gentlemen from overseas who had colluded with some OPEC countries, the ruble began to die. Thank God, the government and the Central Bank resuscitated him and kept him in an artificial coma like Schumacher who knocked on a stone. Add to this the fantastic corruption, the theft of budget funds. So do not dream. I think by the end of the year the value of the dollar and the euro will be exactly as your numbers-only

    The dollar exchange rate in 2015 will be 35 rubles, and the euro - 40 rubles? Is it possible to?

    each multiplied by 2.

  • I think that Andrei Cherepanov told us his dream, some kind of fantasy, and not a harsh reality. According to forecasts, by the end of 2015, the year (the beginning of 2016), the bursa will be approximately 100 of our rubles for just one dollar.

  • I think that it is unlikely that there will be such a mark in Russia. Judging by the mentality of citizens and the government to steal will not stop and save, too. I wouldn’t be surprised if the number grows by the middle of the year and will be three-digit.

  • Theoretically, this is very possible, especially if trade with China is improved in rubles and yuan, as well as in the Eurasian Economic Union in monetary units of 5 countries: the extra dollars on the foreign exchange market can be exchanged for the same yuan on its own will lead to a decline in the dollar.

    If, as planned, Russia will sell gas and oil for rubles, then other countries will have to buy them on the exchange. Accordingly, the ruble exchange rate will rise, and the euro will also decline.

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