Sample letter of cooperation. Sample letter of proposal for cooperation

You don't need to be a lawyer to understand: all transactions begin with an offer, or an offer, as it is scientifically called. An offer is a proposal to conclude an agreement on certain conditions, drawn up, as a rule, in writing. Sample letter of cooperation - a work of business art, because the fate of the transaction often depends on the results of its consideration. In the current realities, a kind of offer was born - a sample of an official letter of cooperation: it combines elements of a business document, an advertising proposal and a description of a product, work, service.

Successful headline - half the battle done

A well-written business proposal is the first step to long-term cooperation, so let your text turn into a sample letter.

Your addressee reads offers of cooperation in dozens a day. How to distinguish yours from this gray mass? The headline will help you. Write it succinctly and indicate the essence. The headline can be traditional and businesslike: "Offer of cooperation", or it can be attention-grabbing: "You need to know about this!" or "Where do customers go?"

sample business letter of cooperation

A traditional headline is more reliable if you have a poor understanding of the nature and preferences of the recipient. If a potential partner is looking for new opportunities and fresh ideas, feel free to use the second option.

What must be in the letter

A sample letter of cooperation is the first thing a potential partner learns about you: that is why it is so important to reflect everything essential in it and not write too much. Try to fit the following sections into your letter:

  • details of the recipient and the sender;
  • address, greeting;
  • representation;
  • the essence of the business proposal;
  • formulas for expressions of courtesy;
  • signature and contact details.

It is imperative not only to personally contact the recipient, but also to introduce yourself by name, indicating the position or field of activity. In the proposal, focus on the benefits that the recipient will receive, not you. Include a short description of the product, job, service, better bulleted list for easier perception. Indicate your willingness to cooperate and discuss partnership conditions. If you are expecting some action from the recipient, mention this: "Call!", "Order!", "Write!" The letter should end with your signature with details and contact information so that the addressee can contact you "in one click".

sample letter of cooperation

If you are not sure about your capabilities, use the sample business letter of cooperation below.

What should not be in the letter

The cooperation offer is designed primarily for establishing business contacts with a partner. Remember what is usually repulsive when you first meet? Obsession, excess of information about oneself, rudeness. An unfamiliar person does not inspire confidence, topics that are not relevant to you will also not interest you.

The same rules apply offline, so check your email before sending. Here are 5 major mistakes:

  1. Excess information about yourself and your company. List only the essentials related to the business proposal.
  2. Vague wording and verbosity. It is tiresome. Write concisely and to the point. If possible, avoid complex sentences and adverbial expressions.
  3. Blurred sentences and phrases. Eliminate double interpretations of your statements or possible subtext. Make your phrases clear.
  4. Links to other resources, sources for information about you. The addressee will not waste his time and efforts with a stranger.
  5. Eliminate the passive voice. Phrases like "he will be given", "they will be able to get" alienate you from a potential partner. Write about your interlocutor in the first person - "you get", "you get".

Required details

When a stranger shows you a passport or ID, he involuntarily inspires confidence and disposes to himself. The details in the letter play the role of that same passport. A serious partner who hears about you for the first time will be able to check your reliability and solidity, status, and field of activity using your details. This will greatly increase your chances of success and guarantee initial trust between you.

sample letter of cooperation

It is advisable to include the following information in the sample letter of cooperation:

  • your last name, first name and patronymic;
  • position;
  • Company name;
  • legal and actual address;
  • email address;
  • contact phones, fax, skype, website address;
  • full position, surname, name and patronymic of the addressee;
  • the name of the recipient company;
  • mailing address to which the letter is sent.

Modern correspondence takes place mainly in electronic format, so reflect your contact information as fully as possible on your personal or mail site.

If the letter is printed on paper, be sure to include the index - save your addressee from additional efforts to find this data.

Display the phone number with international codes - this will simplify and speed up the establishment of contacts with the recipient.

If you are writing on behalf of a company, then fill out an offer on an official letterhead, attaching your business card with a stapler.

In what form is it better to write

There are no approved standards, write in free form, while being guided by the norms of etiquette and accepted business customs. When choosing the style and structure of the presentation, be guided by the sample letter of cooperation.

sample letter of cooperation to the supplier

If your addressee is a private person, then write, referring to him by name, using the pronoun "you". If the letter is to a company representative, then indicate it. Mention the regalia, position, title of a high-ranking recipient - this will add points and give you solidity.

Sample Supplier Cooperation Letter

Below is an example of a cooperation letter addressed to a router supplier.

sample official letter of cooperation

Good afternoon, Alexander!
My name is Artyom Shirokov, I am a private entrepreneur in Zhitomir, my area of ​​interest is computer technology. I am writing to you with a proposal for cooperation in the implementation of routers.

I learned about your company from a representative of the "K" company. The products presented on your site interested me.

About myself: I have been the official representative of the company "A" for 5 years, I plan to expand the scope of activities. I have practical experience in searching for sales markets for Internet equipment, I am confident in computer and Internet equipment. I am convinced that the demand for the products presented on your site will grow.

What is your benefit: partnership with me guarantees wholesale purchases of your products, a high level of sales and timely payments. I am committed to long-term cooperation based on mutual trust and benefit. I am ready to consider your options for interaction.

I am ready to provide additional information and answer your questions if necessary.

I hope for your answer soon.

Yours faithfully,

Artyom Shirokov
Mob. +38050700 00 00

e-mail: [email protected]

site: *** artyom_sirokov.som.

Refine the proposed layout, prepare your sample letter. Cooperation offers are an effective means of promoting your business, do not neglect them!

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