Civil Aviation Pilots: Training, Profession and Responsibilities

Civil aviation pilots are professionals who are fully committed to living in the skies. These are fearless people who have challenged fate and have gone through many trials. Therefore, everyone who dreams of such a profession should be aware that his life path will become just as difficult and thorny.

And if such a fate does not scare you, then let's talk about how to become a civil aviation pilot in Russia. Where should I go to study? How long will it take, and then how to look for a job?

civil aviation pilots

The beginning of a long journey

First of all, one should be aware of the fact that it will take quite a long time to study as a civil aviation pilot. Indeed, unlike a car, operating an airplane requires extensive knowledge: from its structure to the features of flights in bad weather.

Therefore, it is worth preparing for the fact that you will have to study "tons" of educational material. At the same time, it is not easy to memorize all the information, but to be able to correctly use it during flights. Especially if in the future you have plans to get a job in a commercial structure.

Flight licenses

Today, all civil aviation pilots fall into three broad categories. This is due to the strict licensing system, which absolutely all pilots are required to go through. It is she who subsequently determines what kind of winged machines a person can control.

So, there are the following types of licenses:

  1. PPL or private pilot. The possession of this document grants the right to fly small aircraft not intended for cargo transportation. Simply put, a person can fly as much as he wants for his pleasure, but no one will take him to work.
  2. CPL or commercial pilot. This type of license allows a person to deliver small loads, fly tourist flights and take skydivers into the sky.
  3. ATPL or line pilot. What can I say, this is the highest category of pilots that allows you to fly multi-ton passenger airliners.

how to become a civil aviation pilot

How to become a civil aviation pilot

As soon as a person decides to embark on this path, he immediately faces a choice: to submit documents to the flight school or to be limited to the aviation school? Oddly enough, but there are pros and cons in both options, so let's look at them separately.

Let's start with flight schools. The quality of education is higher here, since much more time is allocated for training pilots. In addition, students are taught not only piloting, but also other disciplines - physics, advanced mathematics and law. This allows us to educate comprehensively developed pilots who are able to perform their duties efficiently.

As for the disadvantages, flight schools and academies are recruiting based on the state order. This leads to the fact that from 10 to 12 applicants apply for one place. In addition, many successful civil aviation pilots imply that the technical base of our educational institutions is noticeably outdated. Because of this, their graduates have to take additional courses in order to understand the peculiarities of piloting new aircraft.

But everyone can enter the flight school. It is more important here whether a person has money for training. The quality of education here is slightly lower, although it largely depends on the school itself and what kind of teachers work there. At the same time, it is worth noting that it is much easier to get a certificate of the PPL category at the aviation school, since here you can take extracurricular activities.

female civil aviation pilots in russia

Moving from one category to another

Both male and female civil aviation pilots in Russia pass the same standards to obtain a license. They are different for each type of document, so let's take a look at them:

  1. The PPL type certificate can be obtained by candidates who have reached the age of 16. To do this, they need to master 155 hours of theoretical material, as well as fly 47 hours on a Cessna 172 aircraft. On average, training in this category takes from several months to one year, depending on the intensity of the classes and the type of educational institution.
  2. The CPL type certificate can be obtained by candidates who have reached the age of 18. To do this, they need to have a PPL-type license or complete this training course from scratch. In addition, they will have to study more than 600 hours of theory, as well as fly 152 hours on a single-engine plane. And at the end of the training, close another 30 hours of flights on a navigation simulator and 12 hours on a multi-engine airplane.
  3. The ATPL type certificate is a more sophisticated version of the CPL license. That is, you will need to learn everything that is in the previous categories, only with greater depth in practice. In addition, you will have to work out simulations of flights on passenger and cargo airliners.

civil aviation pilots in russia

Passing the medical commission

All civil aviation pilots undergo rigorous medical examinations. Moreover, it is carried out both before the start of training and after its completion. Also, the medical commission will have to be passed annually even after getting a job, otherwise the pilot will simply not be allowed to take off.

The difficulty lies in the fact that any flaw or disease can become a reason for a negative conclusion. If we talk about commercial flights, doctors can ban flights even because a person does not have a couple of teeth. This is due to the fact that such a defect distorts speech, and this, in turn, makes it difficult to communicate with the air tower dispatcher.

Finding a suitable job

In their search for work, naturally, all civil aviation pilots in Russia rely on what license they have. So, if you have a CPL, you should try to get a job in a small airline that provides travel services. Alternatively, you can consider the vacancies of instructors in flight schools, but then you will have to complete additional courses.

Much more prospects are opening up for those who own the ATPL license. In this case, the chances are high that the big airline will offer you a job. But there is only one but - most likely you will have to enroll in special courses that allow you to master the management of an airliner.

The trouble is, their cost is quite high. Therefore, you will have to conclude a special agreement, according to which the pilot will deduct part of his salary in order to pay off the debt to the airline. In addition, initially, a novice is only admitted to the position of 2nd pilot, since the captain's position requires experience in flying large aircraft (over 1,5 hours).

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Duties of a civil aviation pilot

Airlines often disagree about the intricacies of domestic politics. However, there is something that unites them all - the rigidity of the requirements in relation to their pilots. After all, not only the safety of the aircraft depends on this, but also the life of its passengers.

Therefore, all pilots are required to comply with the following five points:

  1. Fly the plane professionally.
  2. Always follow the safety regulations.
  3. Know in advance the reports of the meteorological services.
  4. Check the condition of the vessel before starting the flight.
  5. Obediently use the commands and prompts of the air traffic controller.

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Female Civil Aviation Pilots in Russia

Most people are used to the fact that the pilot is a man. Therefore, for them, a female civil aviation pilot is something out of the ordinary. However, the reality is that both men and the fairer sex can fly the plane. But for some reason, even today, they are allowed to approach large airliners with caution. And yet in Russia there are examples of women who rule such giants.

So, Olga Kirsanova has been piloting a passenger plane weighing more than one hundred tons for several years. She is sure that everyone can get a seat in the cockpit of a winged machine - the main thing is to want it with all your heart. It's true that Olga herself had to sweat a lot to achieve her position, since the management of her airline for a painfully long time could not decide on this appointment.

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