Industrial enterprises in Moscow and the Moscow region. List of large enterprises

Industry plays an important role for the economy of Moscow and the region. There are more and more industrial enterprises engaged in the field of mechanical engineering and shipbuilding, the production of machine tools, and instrument making. Industrial enterprises in Moscow and the Moscow region are now increasingly located outside the city. According to statistics, an increase in production volumes is noted in this area every year. Let's take a look at a list of the most powerful enterprises in terms of productivity.

Moscow Refinery

Moscow oil refinery

This plant has always been a leader in the production of high-octane gasolines and diesel fuel, providing 40% of the Moscow region's demand for petroleum products. More than 10 million tons of crude oil is processed here during the year. The Moscow Oil Refinery pays great attention to the large-scale reconstruction and modernization of the existing refining capacities. Thanks to such programs, the refining depth and production of light oil products are increasing at the enterprise every year, and the efficiency of the enterprise is increasing. Today the plant supplies:

  • New generation G-DRIVE fuels for cars. Its features are in increasing the engine power and acceleration dynamics of the car and providing professional motor protection.
  • Oils and lubricants of high technology that meet all modern requirements.

In the first half of 2016, the Moscow Oil Refinery increased the production of light oil products to 59,5% with the final refining depth indicator up to 76%. Today the refinery produces Euro-5 gasolines and diesel fuel.

Abrasive plant

Moscow abrasive plant

This enterprise produces more than 5000 names of various products in a variety of standard sizes and technical characteristics. Abrasive tools produced here are supplied to the largest enterprises in the country. The Moscow Abrasive Plant produces:

  • ceramic circles;
  • abrasive heads and bars;
  • grinding skins;
  • flexible abrasive tools;
  • polishing pastes.

The production of diamond tools is carried out using new technologies, which makes the processing and cutting of products twice as fast. Modern abrasive tools supplied by the plant can significantly increase the technical and economic performance of the production process. Using the products that the Moscow Abrasive Plant creates, you can make the production process faster, providing:

  • stability of geometric parameters of parts;
  • low level of surface roughness;
  • no burns during work;
  • increase in productivity by almost 2 times.

Factory "Vperyod"

The Moscow Machine-Building Plant "Vperyod" traces its history for a long time, but retains its capacity to this day. Here they are engaged in the production of tail rotor blades and blades for them for helicopters of the "Mi" family, propellers for aircraft of various types and wind turbines. The modern equipment of MMZ "Vperyod" in combination with a large stock of production capacities allows the enterprise to fulfill industrial orders in the field of mechanical engineering, turning and locksmithing works.


The plant, which began its activity back in 1951, has always been associated with the field of helicopter aviation. Today, the company's products are in demand in different countries. Since the emphasis is placed on import substitution in the country, they began to engage in the production of aircraft units and fuel pumps. At MMZ "Vperyod" they can produce in series or by large order blades and helicopters needed for wind turbines.

Compressor plant "Borets"

Moscow compressor plant

This company offers a wide range of compressor equipment line, and the order package depends on the wishes of the customers. The plant supplies products throughout the country. The equipment created here is in demand in the field of mechanical engineering, metallurgy, oil and gas processing, electric power, chemical and food industries. Today the Moscow Compressor Plant is engaged in the production of:

  • air compressors;
  • gas compressors;
  • compressors without lubrication;
  • booster compressors;
  • air collectors;


This powerful corporation is known as the first company in the history of our country engaged in the production of aircraft, full cycle aircraft, from concept creation and design to serial production and technical support during operation. The Russian aircraft building corporation MiG offers its customers fighters, multifunctional combat units, training equipment and light aircraft.

Russian aircraft corporation MIG

The modern design and development and experimental base, production facilities, digital technology equipment of fighters make the company's products in demand. It is also important that RSK MiG is the official contractor of the Ministry of Defense of the country, and MiG aircraft are the backbone of the fighter aviation of the RF Armed Forces.

Moscow metallurgical plant

industrial enterprises in Moscow and the Moscow region

Many industrial enterprises of the city are engaged in the field of metallurgy. So, JSC "Moscow Metallurgical Plant" Hammer and Sickle "is a productive diversified enterprise engaged in the production and supply of stainless steel strip. It is noteworthy that this plant was founded back in 1883. Today orders of the most varying degrees of complexity are carried out here. Since 2007, the following products have been manufactured here:

  • round and hexagonal long products;
  • ball bearing and stainless steels;
  • stainless tape;
  • electrical and heat-resistant steels.

The plant has at its disposal several industries - steel-making, strip and sheet rolling, production of wire and welded stainless steel pipes.


industrial enterprises of the city

Many industrial enterprises in Moscow and the Moscow region are leaders in the production of certain products. Thus, the plant produces a large selection of electrical equipment, the supplies of which are carried out in a variety of areas. The plant is engaged in providing a whole range of services:

  • development and production of equipment of various types and designs;
  • transportation, installation, diagnostics and repair of electrical equipment;
  • design, construction, complex equipment of energy facilities.

Likhachev Plant (ZIL)

Industrial enterprises in Moscow and the Moscow region, engaged in the production and assembly of automobiles, deserve special attention. This plant has been operating since 1916. Today, they carry out conveyor assembly of vehicles of various types. Every year the enterprise became more and more modern and modernized. And by 2016, among the achievements of the plant, one can note the development of technological processes for creating a cabover cab, and a small forest patrol fire-fighting complex is being developed in the experimental workshop by order of the Ministry of Emergency Situations.

Concern "Almaz-Antey"

Speaking about industrial enterprises in Moscow and the Moscow region, one cannot fail to note the Almaz-Antey concern, which is engaged in the development and production of weapons. The company offers products for military and civil purposes. For military purposes, the plant produces anti-aircraft missile systems and complexes of various ranges, land and sea-based, radar stations and automated control systems. Among civilian products, one can note a large selection of telecommunications equipment, digital television transmitters, ship equipment, air traffic control and management equipment, radar technology and automated air traffic control systems.

industrial enterprises in Moscow and the Moscow region

And at the end of July 2016, it became known that the Almaz-Antey aerospace defense complex would open a production and technical base in Sevastopol for servicing and repairing weapons, military and special equipment (AME).

We have provided a list of industries and factories that are currently the most productive and important for the industrial sector of our country. Let's make a reservation that there are, of course, much more factories. But we have described the largest industrial complexes, thanks to which our country is a leader in many production parameters.

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