Police work: how to enlist in the authorities

A recent reform has renamed the police to the police. These changes have also increased the number of people wishing to get a job in the organs. What does it take to get there? How are candidates selected? Let's figure it out together.

It's no secret that police work in Moscow - and anywhere else - is not the most prestigious. In many respects, the reform carried out contributed to a change in this situation, an increase in citizens' confidence in people in uniform.

police work

Memo for candidates

If you decide that police work is for you, decide on the area that you would like to be engaged in. After all, the general requirements for employees of different departments can be radically different. Perhaps one thing remains unchanged: any candidate must have excellent health and not have a criminal record - neither valid nor already canceled. In addition, the presence of a complete secondary education is mandatory for the rank and file, and higher or specialized secondary education for those who apply for the position of commanding staff.

Contrary to popular belief, military service is not at all a mandatory criterion for future police officers. However, it can increase your chances of getting a job, as it is an added advantage over other candidates. This is what is said on the official website of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

Gender, age, nationality, religious beliefs - all this does not matter for potential police officers. Police work imposes only age restrictions: only those over 18 and under 35 are hired.

work in Moscow in the police

By the way, a few words about job opportunities for girls. Recently, more and more women want to enter the organs. With good health and education, you may be hired as a lawyer or interpreter for the police. Sporty and hardy girls can do the job of guarding. And those who have a pedagogical education and some experience may well get a job in the department of juvenile affairs.

Many people say that police work among girls is not very popular due to the bias towards women. In general, it is much easier for men to enter the organs. But this does not stop the representatives of the beautiful half of humanity in an effort to protect law and order.

Mandatory conditions

Anyone who wants to get a job in the police will have to pass several special tests. With their help, they will check your psychophysiological characteristics, the absence of alcohol or drug addiction. And, of course, not everyone will be able to cope with work in the authorities without the appropriate personal qualities, business and moral.

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Where to go?

So you've decided to get a job with the police. Then you have a direct road to the personnel department of a local law enforcement agency (well, or not a local one, but any other - for example, a person from the hinterland is interested in working in Moscow). The police will inform you about the presence or absence of vacancies for the desired position. By the way, this information can be obtained even before joining the institution - on message boards on the Internet, where there are more than enough police vacancies today.

After the personnel department, you will be directed to undergo a medical examination, which includes a conversation with a psychologist. If everything is in order with health, experts will sit down for your biography - and you can be sure that they will study it inside and out. Let's say there are no health problems or other factors that hinder your admission to the position, then you may well be hired as a police officer. But at the same time, most likely, they will appoint a probationary period of 3 to 6 months. Subject to its successful completion, work in the police will be yours.

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