Yarovskaya Alisa, who is this?

Yarovskaya Alisa, who is this?

  • Red-haired beauty Alisa Yarovskaya is known to the majority as the leading business news and economic commentator on the RBC channel. But the public is interested not only in the dizzying career of the native Muscovite Alice, but also in his stormy personal life. Especially the origin of expensive jewelry, which collects a diva.

  • Alisa Yarovskaya is a well-known TV presenter who at the dawn of time works on RBC TV channel, she also worked on TVC, MTV, TNT. Alisa was born 07 December 1980 year, she graduated from Moscow State University and graduate school of Moscow State University.

    Yarovskaya Alisa, who is this?

  • Alisa Yarovskaya is a famous TV presenter. You can see it on the RBK-TV channel. In addition, she previously worked on the MTV and TNT TV channels. Alisa Yarovskaya was born in Moscow, graduated from Moscow State University. In addition, she knows several languages. She is known for her still stormy personal life.

  • Alisa Yarovskaya is a TV presenter of the RBK-TV channel. She is a Muscovite, graduated from Moscow State University, speaks several languages. the girl is quite versatile, she even defended her thesis. Alice has been married several times. The TV presenter previously hosted programs on TNT, TDK, DTV.

  • Alisa Yarovskaya (Great), a Russian actress, TV presenter and model, was born in 1980 in Moscow. After graduating from the linguistic faculty of Moscow State University and post-graduate courses, she worked as a translator for a while.

    Career on television, Alisa Yarovskaya started on one of the cable channels in Moscow, worked on the channels of MTV, TVC, TNT, DTV, Moscow, NTV, Moscow-24, RBC.

    Alisa Yarovskaya has repeatedly been married, has a daughter, Sofia.

    Yarovskaya Alisa, who is this?

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