What's wrong with the apartment on the 9th last floor?

What's wrong with the apartment on the 9th last floor?

  • Many are afraid that on the ninth floor he often runs from the roof. Climb high if the elevator breaks. Few people walk on the 9th floor, so thieves often open these apartments. But I know for sure that there will never be problems with neighbors at the top.

  • To those shortcomings that have already been described, I want to add one more. Here they write about fresh air on the 9th floor. I slightly disagree with that. On the contrary, all the air from the floors below rises to the top and stands there, if there is no sensible ventilation. This is a kitchen stench, a stench from unclean apartments, cigarette smoke, if someone smokes on the site. In general, I noticed that the air at the top is heavier because of this.

    You need to put a sealed door, quickly close it when you leave, so that stench and fumes do not enter your room.

    It happens that someone fries a fish and it burns out - you will have all this upstairs until it disappears naturally.

  • The rooftop top floor apartment is very stuffy in summer. Some heating systems are arranged in such a way that hot water heats the upper floors more and this makes it difficult to live there without open windows in winter.

  • any apartment has its pros and cons ... for your case:

    cons - the worst thing is the move - how to drag things and the movers will have to pay a lot! they can turn off the elevator and then walk (but exercise is useful), if the house is old, there may be interruptions in water, but if the house is new, then now this issue has been resolved and there are no such complaints from friends who live in new houses .. thieves can climb from the roof, in rare cases the roof can simply leak, also if there are small children, then you cannot open the windows and you need to put a grate on the balcony ...

    pluses - no one walks on the head (unless, of course, this is the upper floor), the view from the window is gorgeous, the air is cleaner, no living creatures from the basement will crawl to you ... and in any case there is a garbage chute.

    in any case, for living, the 9th floor is better than the 1st !!!

  • Living for 5 years in an apartment located on the top floor, she identified the following disadvantages for herself:

    • it is difficult to carry out the skidding / taking out of furniture (even with the presence of an elevator, in this case);
    • cold ceiling as min and roof leakage as max (I was lucky with a new roof, but in other houses ..);
    • problems with the water supply;
    • in the absence of an elevator, it's hard to climb (I'm just silent about the elderly and mothers with strollers);
    • if you have an emergency, then you can fill in a larger number of people;
    • the likelihood of breaking into an apartment through the window.

    But, at the same time, I also found positive aspects, such as:

    • nobody blunts, knocks and drills over their heads;
    • in the event of a fire in your area, a smaller area will suffer;
    • nobody will flood.

    I'm not talking about clean air, because what kind of cleanliness can we talk about in the city?

  • Considering that I lived for 4 years in a 9-storey building and on the 9th floor, I can tell you from personal experience.

    • the main disadvantage is if the elevator breaks down, you have to climb on foot, and I was just pregnant during one of the periods of my stay in this house, it's terribly hard! after the son was born, so sometimes I had to drag the stroller with my son (the stroller is only 15 kg + the weight of the child and up to the 9th floor)
    • when moving, you need to drag furniture, refrigerators on your hands up to the 9th floor, or from the 9th floor, since large-sized furniture does not fit into the elevator!
    • in summer, when the heat is outside, the roof is baking, the house is simply unbearable, the heat ...
    • at the entrance, all the smells rise to the upper floors, especially cigarette smoke, and while you open the door, all the smell fills the apartment.
    • and in winter, the batteries are cold, since heating is still reaching the 9th floor, they become warm ate ..
    • the water pressure does not always reach the 9th floor, sometimes a small trickle flows, just wash as you like ..

    The only plus is the view from the window!

    What's wrong with the apartment on the 9th last floor?

  • The elevator will break, go on foot. It is unbearably hot in summer, cold in winter. And if the roof is not in order, there are also constant floods after rain or melting snow. And in many nine-story buildings, the water supply goes from the bottom, so while it reaches the top, especially in the summer, then the stream is small, then not at all.

  • If the apartment is located on the ninth (last) floor, then of the minuses we can name, first of all, the possible leakage of the roof of the house (if the house is not new) and, as a result, the leakage of the ceiling in the apartment. Secondly, it takes longer to get to the apartment (by elevator or on foot). On the plus side: cleaner air compared to apartments located on the ground floors. Plus, no one will throw cigarette butts and rubbish onto your balcony.

  • The main thing is that the roof does not leak, but is in excellent condition, there may not be any drawbacks. Perhaps in hot summer you cannot do without an air conditioner, but in winter, on the contrary, it will be cool. Without an elevator (if it suddenly breaks down) with young children, as well as the elderly, it is difficult to climb the stairs to the upper floors. There may be a problem with the water supply if the pressure is not high. It should be taken into account that it is easy for thieves to descend from the roof by rope to "visit". But there are more pluses!

  • I lived on the ninth floor for a long time. There are two main disadvantages: firstly, if the elevator breaks the guard, and with the maintenance of the elevators, the situation is now deplorable. Secondly, if the roof leaks, then most likely you will have to do it yourself (from the housing office you will wait long and tediously)

    True, there are pluses: no one is stomping over their heads and none of the tenants will flood.

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