What if your mother is energovampir?

What if your mother is energovampir?

  • I am writing only because I myself was in exactly the same situation.

    I know on my own skin - this is a terrible situation.

    In this case, you can not only escape, but you are simply obliged for your personal salvation.

    In this case, not only vampirism occurs, but also zombie.

    The victim should not flutter.

    In this case, the mother actively forms stereotypes:

    • You will be lost without me
    • You are nothing without me.
    • You can't live without me.

    I left home at the age of 14 and thanks to this I am happy.

    And the younger sister also left, but later life did not work out. The girl is always more attached to her mother.

    Run resolutely - it won't get any worse!

    There are some problems - I'm a psychologist, write in a personal.

  • The old proven method will help you. When you go to her. Imagine that you are surrounded by an energy dome. It really helps. Tested on my own experience.

  • Why did you decide that she is an energy vampire? In order to establish this, a fairly professional approach is required.

    The relationship of people is not limited to the relationship Donor - vampire.

    There is also a master-slave relationship, for example. Or the incompatibility of temperaments. Or the incompatibility of the zodiacal energies. Or the energies of birth years. And the totality of all these influences can be final.

    For example, two Tigers do not live under the same roof. The Tiger and the Bull are also incompatible. The bull will always attack the Tiger. But if the Tiger is fiery, and the Ox is watery, the attacks will not be too aggressive, and if both signs are fiery, there will be crushing outbursts of feelings, and if both are watery, there will even be an opportunity to live peacefully.

    Try reading something about it. And in more detail - the topic Structural horoscopes. Perhaps she will tell you something.

    And of course, we must remember that mothers are more often than not a bunch of problems for children. Because they are so arranged: it seems to them that they know better how their child should live in the world))

    In fact, the best thing to do is to look for opportunities for a separate life. Immediately everything is normalized. But if this is not possible, it should be recognized that this is your life lesson - to learn how to relate in such conditions. so you asked the question correctly, and you need to learn.

    And they gave you good advice in answers, try ...

  • It is advisable for you to live separately, thus minimizing your joint communication. You can rent an apartment, move to another city, get a job in another part of the city, so that you can be less at home, for example.

  • Have something soothing to drink (like Afobazol). Or upload something (find a hobby: dance courses, fitness, something for the benefit of society, etc.) so that you don't have enough energy to pump it out of you.

  • You are sure that she is an energy vampire and you know what it is, who gave such a conclusion. To be sure of this, you need to consult a doctor, at least a neurologist or another specialist, they will help you choose a way to get rid of the alleged ailment.

  • Become soulless when communicating with your mother, that is, answer questions briefly without details like: yes no. Well, try to spend less time with her, that is, walk more often and chat with friends! Well, if the opportunity arises, then leave live separately.

  • We are all, in one form or another, "vampires", we are recharged with good or bad emotions of others. and some are ours. The most vivid example is trolls - it is important for them to irritate, they enjoy it. Most often this happens in order to satisfy some of your inner needs: significance, soothe envy, throw off anger, etc.

    We are not able to remake someone, especially the parents. And to stop communicating with them is also not an option. You need to understand what mom lacks, why she doesn't behave this way and not otherwise. After all, any person strives not to do something bad or good to another, but to get some emotions from this himself. And so you need to understand what emotions your mother gets, and what does she lack without them?

    And if you understand the motives of e behavior. it will already be possible to do so that she receives what she needs differently. Of course, it is not easy to understand the other, but there is simply no other option. Everything else will be an escape from the problem. but it will not solve it.

  • For me, mom is sacred! Of course, my mom and I do not always agree, but you can't argue, be rude either. I suggest you listen to your mother, let her think that she got through to you, but you do everything your way. And when it loads you, just cross your legs or arms and it will not be able to take your energy away.

  • I recommend that you read the book "Psychological Vampirism" by Mikhail Litvak, he provides simple and easy techniques for amortization and escape from conflicts, and also explains the nature of the emergence of one or another type of vampirism - by the way, there are a lot of them.

    I will not say that I myself suffered from "attacks of vampires" but it became much easier for me to communicate in difficult and conflict situations.

    I downloaded the book here

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