What is more important to you - friends or family?

What is more important for you - friends or family?

  • For me, of course, a family.

    I want to note that although many men, if not all, now write that the family is the main thing in their life, they often sacrifice the family for friends. For example, spend free time with friends. Oh, of course, they will say that family is more important. She is formally more important to them. But they continue to do this.

  • People who believe that friends are more important to them than family, most likely, have not yet realized in life (age does not matter), feel self-doubt and the need to "be their own", to be accepted in some society, as this gives they have a sense of self-confidence, which is not achieved in any other way, this is a consequence of emotional immaturity, and it is difficult to judge a person here. Although, of course, there are those for whom "friend is dearer than brother", but this is a different situation.

  • Family of course. This is one of the most important in life!

  • Of course friends. My 2 best friends are dearest to me. I will always help, I will always tell you, I will do anything for them. I am ready to die for them, because they are the most important people in my life.

    Friends are the family we choose. (C)

  • I will not be original, of course the family. If a person puts friends above the family, then why does he need family? In the program, let's get married! a potential bride was asked a question, if the husband says, choose me or girlfriend, she answered, I will certainly choose a girlfriend. Then why do we need a wife who is ready to leave the family for friends? The same can be said of similar men.

  • My most important friend in life is my husband, he is the only person whom I can trust 100%. So you can say I have a combination.

    In general, of course, the main thing for me is the family, as such I have no friends.

  • The family is unconditional, there are friends today, tomorrow they are not there, if these are real friends they will understand and retreat for a while.

    The family should always be above all, and when you leave your parents you have another family.

  • While young, at school and college, then friends, they complement the family, parents. When your family appears, these are your new friends. They are the most important, because the closest and for the rest of their lives.

    Friends rating:

    1st circle - wife / husband

    2nd circle - children

    3rd circle - parents

    4th circle - brothers, sisters

    5th circle - friends at school, college, etc.

  • For me, each of these concepts should have a place in my life. Friends are people with whom we go through life, grow, develop, share our joys and grievances, the family is its own little world. I do not welcome when spouses prohibit communicating with some of their friends, but I also hate friends who climb into the family. These are two different concepts, they cannot be mixed or compared. But if such a question still arises before you, it will be better choose a family, because friends will in any case have their own, separate from you, and it is quite possible (and even most likely!) friends will choose their own family, not you. However, very many do not even notice how they neglect families for the sake of friends ... This is very common!

  • What kind of question? Of course the family !!! How can I exchange my son for even a friend, but still not a loved one? For the sake of my offspring, my children and I live, for me this is the meaning of life: to raise a son as a worthy person,MAN, give him an education, help than I can on the take-off of life. I’m ready to die for my son! And, believe me, these are not empty words! Why are you friends here?

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