Which is better than solid or liquid soap?

Which is better than solid or liquid soap?

  • You know, I get it according to my mood. There are both types of soap in the house, but more often we use liquid and I always choose delicate scents, and my mother buys an extra bottle to please my whims if I liked some soap, but I also really love the Dove solid soap if it has a gentle one, pleasant barely perceptible smell.

    It's hard to please me, I have an allergy.

    All the best!

  • From the point of view of hygiene, it is liquid, from the point of view of price, it is common.

  • Which soap to choose: solid or liquid?

    The simplest and most accessible product for absolutely every modern person, which is sold in all hardware stores and supermarkets, is ordinary soap. It would seem, what can be said about it if we encounter this product every day?

    However, in this article, we would like to touch on the topic of choosing a soap. For example, which is better: solid (lumpy) or liquid soap?

    There is just a huge range of household chemicals on the domestic market. Soaps for body and face, for intimate hygiene, moisturizing and antibacterial, as well as scrub soaps, this is not the whole list of types available to a regular buyer. The huge variety of manufacturing firms is also striking. In Russia, in almost every store you will find products from Kalina, Colgate-Palmolive, Tork, Clover, Chistaya and Krasnaya Liniya, Velvet handles, etc.

    But let's figure out which soap is best to trust: liquid or solid? So, in order.

    We all know that bar soap has several benefits. For example, first of all, it is in great demand due to its low price and small size. Good old soap is quickly washed off with water, both cold and hot, which allows you to use it in almost any conditions. For example, if you serve in the army, then, naturally, it is not supposed to have any liquid soap there for the incredibly simple reason that there is no need for it.

    A solid piece also has its drawbacks. Probably, we all know that in some cases, after you get out of the bath, there is a kind of dryness on the skin. Yes, this is true, because traditional soaps have a fairly high alkaline environment. It also dries quickly and absorbs moisture quickly, but personally I would not take these properties for any special drawbacks.

    In turn, liquid soap velvet handles (Red Line, Palmolive, Kalina, etc.) has both pros and cons. The low alkaline environment ensures that it practically does not dry the skin. Liquid soaps foam quickly, have persistent odors, and they are also very convenient to use due to the presence of a dispenser (you can squeeze out as much as necessary). It is worth noting that just one bottle (300 ml.) Replaces about 2-3 hundred gram bars of traditional soap.

    Of the disadvantages of modern liquid soaps, two main disadvantages can be distinguished: the high price (in comparison with lumpy soaps) and the greater amount of time it takes to wash it off the skin. For example, this annoys me personally, so I prefer to use traditional household chemicals.

    It should be noted that some people have rather sensitive skin, so only the Red Line liquid soap is suitable for them. Thus, this advantage (liquid soap is practically anti-allergenic) is significant enough to make your choice in its favor.

    In general, buy a soap that will satisfy all your needs and cope with the tasks assigned to it.

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