What can you say about the Nobel windows company?

What can you say about the Nobel windows company?

  • Personally, I didn't have to. I am an entrepreneur and I understand that the cooler the name, the lower the status. In the title there is the word "Nobel", it sounds proud, but the company uses this in promoting itself. I don’t think they are laureates of grand prizes. One thing I know for sure is that you need to look for not expensive ones, but check the quality. How to do it? We come to the office, which does not make expensive, ask to show a sample, ask to take a ride to the nearest installed windows with a specialist, check the quality on the spot. If everything is super, then we order in this office. If one of the points is not met, then this is a bad sharashkin office.

  • I can say that the windows are installed with high quality, but the production time of the window is very long. We installed the windows of this company 2 times.

    The first time everything went smoothly enough, it was about 5 years ago. In addition to the promised three weeks, we waited another week, since they had no paint.

    The second time it was completely different. We ordered a window at the end of August 2015. Under the contract, the window had to be made in 20 working days. As a result, the window was still installed for us, but it took more than 3 months to wait for it !!! When we called the Nobel Windows company to find out what was there with our order, they answered all the time that there were no fittings. We were about to go to the Society for the Protection of Consumer Rights, as we were told that the other day they would bring a window. When the window was brought and installed, a second surprise awaited us, it turned out that it was too late to carry out finishing work on the street side, as it was snowing. We were told that it will be possible to finish the work only in the spring !!!

    In general, the conclusion is this: if you want to wait for the complete installation of your window for almost a year, then order windows from the Nobel Windows company.

  • Nine years ago I ordered windows for a two-room apartment in the Nobel Windows. The contract included a seven-year guarantee. When, after a year and a half, I wanted to adjust the hinges, it turned out that the company had disappeared from the city. I tried to find it through the "City Information", it turned out that the company did not answer the old phone, and did not leave a new one. And many are looking for it. And the windows are good. The hinges have been adjusted by other people, and everything is functioning normally.

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