How many years can a child not speak according to the norms?

How many years can a child not speak according to the norms?

  • Personally, I allow any child to be silent for up to three years. I did it myself, but look where life has led -

    How many years can a child not speak according to the norms?

    Parents told me that they had already begun to worry when I spoke with ready-made texts.

    The question is not how old the child is silent, but how far is it going in its development. Whether he listens, as others say, whether he reacts to speech, whether he understands, tries to reproduce any conscious sounds, perspiration (without words), how advanced he is in silent games (cubes, designer like Lego-Duplo, pyramids, typewriters, dolls). Pay attention to the general level of development, not only the desire and ability to speak, because if a child says a lot, but always just repeats after adults or only ready-made formulas will be given out in certain circumstances, this may be one of the signs of autism, and not just a lag. in development.

    In principle, by the age of three, even the most taciturn should speak.

  • Each child is an individuality, and it would be wrong to compare, average all children in a row. The development of a child depends on a number of factors, ranging from heredity, which is very significant, ending with his temperament and activity.

    In fact, a number of scientists are engaged in this problem, and according to their theories we can draw the following conclusions.

    So, there are several stages or periods of speech development.

    The first stage is approximately seven months. The first syllables appear: ma-ma-ma-ma, yes-yes-yes-yes, ba-ba-ba-ba-ba.

    The second stage is the year. Children can begin to speak simple words, as a rule, they call one syllable.

    The third stage is 1,5-2 of the year. Children can start talking sentences.

    Fourth stage 3 of the year. Already speak phrases.

    But, as I said, some children do not want to start talking, although they understand everything and others understand them, and mom and dad have a half-word. With such children, you need to communicate more, develop their fine motor skills: sculpt, draw, design, play mosaic, collect beads, encourage their activity.

    I recently read on the Internet about this experience: If a child, at the request to show one, two, three fingers, repeating after you, does this, then he is speaking.

  • Until two years, it may not say for sure. But at least some syllables, agukanya must sometimes pronounce. If he is silent at all, then this is no longer the norm, and if "ma" or "pa" or "na" (or something else) occasionally utters, then this is normal.

  • A good question that worried me a lot seven or eight years ago.

    The fact is that my son did not speak even simple sentences for a long time.

    At first, everything seemed to be going well. In a month we have already said "agu" for the first time, and at half a year old the first, most important syllable is "ma". When his son was about a year old, he no longer babbled, but rather clearly uttered the following words: mom, dad, grandfather, baba, nah, give. But after that we got into a kind of stupor. By the age of one and a half, his peers, boys, could already combine two words, for example: "mommy on", and even three girls - my Sasha, stubbornly repeated distinctly only one at a time. The doctors did not find any abnormalities in the baby, but, you know, his soul was uncomfortable. My half and I tried to talk a lot with him, read books, increased the time of games with peers. However, it was all in vain. And only, after 1.5 years - by the age of 3, the son finally spoke! Moreover, all this happened somehow by itself and suddenly. Simply, waking up one day he said: "Mom, dad, how are you?" Our joy knew no bounds! Moreover, in just 2-3 weeks Sasha has already used several hundred words, and even moved on to complex sentences! When the son did not eat, or was not fond of the game, his mouth did not close! One got the impression that he wanted to quickly throw out the huge amount of unspoken information that had accumulated.

    Thus - everything is individual. If doctors who deserve your trust say that the child has no problems with physiological and mental development, do not worry too much - be patient, pay more attention to the baby - and you will soon receive the long-awaited reward - words of gratitude to your little dear blood!

    How many years can a child not speak according to the norms?

  • I would answer this question about the child.

    The fact is that in this case, a lot depends on the personal qualities of each individual child, so sometimes a child may not speak for quite a long time. So much depends on the family.

  • Knowledge and skills distinguish man from animal. This is the only difference. Therefore, pay more attention to your child, do not expect that this will be done in kindergarten or school. Do not worry about my children, they are engaged in mathematics and physics, quite successful people, with the opinion of which are specialists from other countries, but they started from scratch. By the way, they did not have the opportunity to be in kindergarten, the whole pre-school preparation was on the conscience of mom and dad. Experience great power.

  • The doctor told us that up to 2, you can not think about this question at all, and until 3 do not worry too much. If after three years there is no speech, then this is a reason for serious examination. Of course, this is provided that the child is regularly observed by all the necessary specialists and they do not reveal any abnormalities. My daughter began to speak actively at almost 2 years old, and suddenly, as they often say, "burst out". A relative's son barely spoke 5 words at the age of 3, now the boy is 5 years old, he speaks well, but there are problems with some sounds, they are engaged with a speech therapist.

  • Everything is individual, like any other person.

    There is nothing wrong with the child saying nothing in 2,5 for the time being.

    I know one example from life: out of four children in a family, one child started speaking already in 5! years separate words and small sentences.

    So, this very little one turned out to be the most successful of all four children in this family, grew up, like all the others, having matured, got married successfully and built his thriving business.

    Of course, in a "talking" family, the child has more chances to speak faster, and the kindergarten with peer communication helps a lot if there are no special disorders in the child's mental development.

    I remember I was writing a term paper in psychology at the university called "Play is an important factor in the development of a child's personality."

    Now a huge number of educational games, puzzles are well developed, reading together, questions to the kid, discussion of fairy tales.

    Found on the Internet the sequence of the child's speech:

    How many years can a child not speak according to the norms?

    Or here are some more tips from a psychologist:

    How many years can a child not speak according to the norms?

    How many years can a child not speak according to the norms?

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