Double-circuit boiler how is it?

Double-circuit boiler how is it?

  • Boilers, regardless of the power source (gas, electricity, etc.), are Single-circuit and Double-circuit.

    A single-circuit boiler operates in only one mode and heats water for

    heating systems, or for a hot water supply system.

    The double-circuit boiler operates in 2 modes of heating and hot water supply.

    Accordingly, two heating and hot water supply circuits pass through the boiler. Thanks to the three-way valve, water from the hot water supply circuit does not enter the heating circuit. In the heating circuit, water (heat carrier) moves in a closed circle. But in the second circuit, water is supplied from the water supply network.

    The double-circuit unit is convenient in that the boiler is one (takes one place), but performs two functions. In summer, the heating circuit is turned off by the user and the boiler operates only for hot water supply.

  • In order for the heating boiler to also become a water heating boiler, it must have 2 so-called circuits at once, one by one, heated water moves into pipes and batteries, on the other hand, water into the water supply system (into the shower, into the faucet in the kitchen, etc.). The advantage of such a boiler is that you do not need to spend additional energy on heating water, because the water is heated using the resources of the boiler, energy from the combustion of fuel is used, and at the same time this does not affect the air temperature in the house (in other words, it will not get colder if the water is also heated with the same coal as the batteries).

    Lyrical digression and personal example (who cares). Personally, we bought a single-circuit Kupper PRO 2 for a 150-storey building of 22 sq.m., for heating and water heating (long-term burning, we put coal 1 time and for 8 hours) + the second circuit was made using an indirect water heating boiler for 250 liters ... It was more convenient for us, because we are 200% confident in this boiler. During the heating season, we save up to 1000 rubles per month on water heating, in summer we heat it with electricity.

    The disadvantages of such a system: yes, in the summer you have to heat the water with electricity. Yes, the water heats up for a long time about 3 hours you need to wait. And we need a lot of space for a boiler in our boiler room.

    PS Maybe it will seem a little strange to someone that instead of a double-circuit boiler, we gave ourselves a headache with a single-circuit boiler and a boiler. But so far Teplodar does not make double-circuit boilers, and I do not want to change this company for something else. Teplodar, make a double-circuit boiler!)))

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