If I feel sorry for spending money on myself, how can I fix it?

If I feel sorry for spending money on myself, how can I fix it?

  • You can save money to buy for yourself, for "something."

    Let's say:

    - Today I washed the dishes, I earned this money myself, I deserve to get something for them.

    -Today I was great, and did not go to the red light, although I was in a hurry, I deserve some kind of reward for it.

    As a result, you deserve your money doubly, it will be unpleasant to spend it on something else.

    In general, you deserve to spend your money on yourself anyway. You love yourself, you worked and earned, so who else deserves this money besides you?

  • Life is interesting, people don't value sacrifices or those who don't value themselves.

    Are you spending on others, but not on yourself?

    So others will consider this the norm: continue to deprive yourself, but do not forget about them!

    A person who does not forget about himself will never be left without attention and gifts, and the one who does not love himself has no right to expect otherwise from other people.

    Think about it.

    Maybe you should think about yourself?

  • Read the classics. "Pinocchio", for example. He felt sorry for Pope Carlo to spend the five soldo he had in his possession. At the instigation of the then brokers-brokers, he buried money in a deliberately false money project at the "Field of Miracles" in the Land of Fools. But if Pinocchio would not buy jackets for Dads and Karl for these soldo, but from the very beginning he would have invested this real money for those fabulous times in a promising theatrical project. Then I would not feel sorry for myself later.

    In short. You can’t spend money on yourself, invest it in your future. You will not regret.

  • And on whom, then, do you spend them? Or do not spend, but invest in something (in a bright future, for example, then this is also for yourself). You can't just feel sorry for yourself, there is still some purpose behind this pity. So let's figure it out.

    You gave little information in the question. Here are the options:

    1) It is a pity to spend money on yourself (on clothes, entertainment, delicious food, hobbies), because you give your beloved woman, beloved children (while you get pleasure, which means that it turns out that all the same for yourself, for satisfying a moral need - please your neighbor).

    2) In general, do not spend on anyone, put it in a box (which means that you are warmed by the thought that the amount in the box is increasing, which gives you a feeling of security and happiness. That is, it’s all the same for yourself).

  • I think the surest way to get rid of this ailment is to find a person who will not mind spending money on you! If such a person is there, then you will acquire in his person not only the opportunity to receive things that you personally need, but also feel his care for you, his love and, in the end, you will be able to entrust him and your savings, which he will spend on you absolutely not regretting anything (the last one is a joke)

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