If in bed experienced a "state" of fiasco. How to relate to this?

If in bed experienced a "state" of fiasco. How to relate to this?

  • Be simpler, never mind. I assure you that this also happens with spouses with many years of experience. A normal woman, not suffering from sex mania, will not attach much importance to this. Maybe the situation was not very suitable, maybe the state of health was not very good, there are a lot of different reasons. If everything is in order with your health, it means that next time everything will work out.

  • Philosophically. Because, if you dwell on this problem, then the next fiasco is not far off. It is necessary to analyze what led to this. After all, maybe everything: very long abstinence, severe fatigue, a woman who does not correspond to your desires at all, insanely wrong behavior of a woman ... etc. etc. And last but not least, some kind of disease. If you find a reason, you will avoid it and everything will be fine. And, if a woman is worth it, then it is worth repeating. I am sure that everything will work out :)))

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it's a fiasco bro))))

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