Where do you have a kitchen towel?

Where do you have a kitchen towel?

  • I never really thought about where to hang a towel in the kitchen. But now I realized that after the move it "by itself" found a place for itself)). Now it hangs all the time on the handle of the cabinet under the sink. Apparently he was hung there a couple of times, and it remained there.

  • I have two towels in my kitchen: one for my hands hangs on a hook near the sink, this is convenient (for me), because you can always wipe your hands straight away without leaving the sink. And the second of such a "general" purpose is to wipe something, take a hot pot, etc. hanging on the handle of a gas stove oven. Somehow I got used to it and even think that this is the most convenient place for such a towel. There are no potholders in the kitchen and never have been. Why? I don’t know, I’m not used to them. Although they gave them to me several times - they did not take root)

  • Fair? I have them all stacked in a wall cabinet (in the kitchen furniture).

    As a child, I remember there was a hook, next to the sink, and there were always kitchen towels hanging there. But now, I can't even imagine such a picture.

    hook towels

    Perhaps then, it was also relevant. But now, all these hanging "rags" simply do not fit into the interior).

    Therefore, it is better to let them be folded neatly and "hidden" from the eyes. Why hang unnecessary on the walls).

  • A kitchen towel for me is something that I have always tried to hide. Ideally, the towel should hang on a hook so that air can circulate through it, but on the other hand, it will look very ugly. Therefore, after cleaning, I try to immediately throw it into the washing machine.

  • I also tried hanging the towel on the hooks on the wall, but it's really not very convenient. Therefore, my kitchen towel is hanging from the handle of the stove, or rather from the oven. It's just that I have a stove next to the sink, and on the wall there is too little distance between the lower and upper cabinets. But this, of course, is for each kitchen individually and the hostess must find a suitable place for him herself.

  • I personally have clean towels in the closet of the kitchen set on the top shelf, and those that I use hanging on special hooks attached to the wall are quite convenient when working in the kitchen, everything is always at hand

  • I always have two kitchen towels in my kitchen: one hangs in the corner near the sink, there is a special small hook glued to the tile for it, which almost merges with the tiles in color, and the second lies next to the stove on the countertop, since we use it more often , then it gets wet faster, and the proximity to the stove helps it dry faster. There is also a third towel, which lies in the cupboard with dishes, with which we wipe the dishes when, for example, guests come and there is no time to wait for the dishes to dry themselves. This doesn't happen very often.

    In general, all the towels are in place and they do not bother us at all.

  • I have a towel hanging from a hook near the sink. I constantly wash something, including my hands. therefore you have to wipe them down frequently. The towel is in sight, it's more comfortable for me. I can't even imagine how I would have looked for him in the kitchen. if not for the hook.

  • On the battery, although there is a hook near the sink. I will not say that it is beautiful, but for some reason it is more convenient for my husband, but he cooks more often and tastier than me, so I don’t bother with my petty instructions, otherwise he’ll bang up and stop.)

  • I have a hook in the kitchen near the sink, on which a kitchen towel hangs all the time. It is always at hand and never lost. Very comfortably.

  • And I hate a regular kitchen towel. Somehow it doesn't fit into the design of our kitchen. I don't like unnecessary details.

    There is a roll of disposable towels on the tabletop next to the sink. It's enough.

    There is also a small terry napkin rolled up in a square, such as are sold in the Magnit hypermarket. I wipe it with it, if necessary, from the table and from the tabletop.

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