Would you like a dentist husband and why?

Would you like a dentist husband and why?

  • I would like a dentist husband, I do not see anything bad in this, but I observe a positive side. The oral cavity will always be in perfect condition and I will always be aware of all the innovations in this area. And of course, everyone knows that dentists make good money.

  • My wife is happy, although I am not a dentist, but a dental technician. If necessary, I repair her teeth, put crowns and bridges. The same is with children and other relatives, for many years everyone has been happy and no one is offended.

    So my wife said to write that it’s easier for her when I’m picking at home with my teeth, there is no need to go to the clinic and she can be capricious, the dentist will not kick me out of the office. Breaks can be done while she is resting and is determined to sit under the drill again. I gained some knowledge about prosthetics, looking at how I work, and I myself have already begun giving advice to my friends on which dentures are better to put on.

  • Dentistry is serious and thorough. If he is really special or even an expert in his business, that's great. Finding a good dentist, despite their huge number, is not easy. In fact, this is a personal doctor. and if he is also a husband, then you are definitely lucky. even if you divorce your teeth, it wakes up someone to fix it. take care of him if you meet on the path of life, it's worth twisting.

  • A dentist in a family is wonderful, firstly because a doctor, from the word "heal" to treat, will help you determine by symptoms, which doctor to go to in case of ailment as a family doctor, and secondly, you can learn about the latest technologies treatment and prevention of diseases of the oral cavity and teeth directly from a specialist, and thirdly, the connections, with doctors, they are extensive, and this is expensive in our modern society.

  • I would like my husband, whoever he works. But I would like a dentist husband in a dental chair! Well, at least a couple of times, for the sake of interest.

    But seriously, yes, why not: a good profession, he would make me watch my teeth and he would also sometimes heal if that happened. Would be a loved one, and who he works, the tenth thing.

  • Just today I thought about how to find a good dentist. Anyone would like to have healthy and beautiful teeth, but not everyone has such. So we are struggling in search of a reliable doctor so that he can treat with high quality and not very expensive. I wanted a husband-dentist all my life both for myself and for my daughter. But alas, fate decreed otherwise - there is only one doctor in the family, and this is me and not a dentist.

    Not only the appearance depends on the condition of the teeth, but also the work of the organs and our well-being, therefore the husband-dentist is also a guarantee of the health of the whole family.

  • If I had a wife as a dentist, I would have brought my oral cavity to the perfect mind, forgive me ..

    In general and in general, I have a wife of a different profession and a different mind, which makes her an ideal woman in my eyes. Among other things.

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