How to explain to the son what such monthly?

How to explain to the son what such monthly?

  • When the child is small, we can say this: every woman really wants to have children, nature and God have tried so that every year this happiness can happen, but not always the mother has the opportunity and health to give birth to more and more children. Every month, there is a restructuring in the mother's body, preparation for a new life to arise in her, but if this does not happen, then those cells and blood that should have gone into the "construction" of a new body leave the mother. They come out from the same place where all the girls, girls and women pee. If the child is ten or more years old, then you can add anatomical details and describe this process more truthfully. To say that at this time mothers do not feel well, so they need to make their work easier and try not to worry them.

  • 1) To give it to a medical school for an academic year, the main thing is to pick it up from there while not forgetting.

    2) Make a cake in the form of a platform of red-pink flowers with a relief surface, and write on it the "functional layer of the endometrium". He will certainly ask you - "Mom, what does this mean", and you, moving the laptop with an open "Google search" tab, wink at him and say - "When you grow up, you will find out, sonny."

    3) You know, there are fathers who throw children into the lake so that they learn to swim, they can adopt this practice, only use the ladies' toilet cubicle instead of the lake, I think if you have an observant one, then some questions should arise after the visit.

    4) You can also say a phrase like - "Menstruation is the crying of the uterus with bloody tears after an unsuccessful pregnancy", if your humanities is growing, maybe it will work.

    Well, that’s probably all, the main thing to remember is that this is a natural physiological process, and there is nothing shameful in discussing such things with children.

  • Is that age? Are you sure that he does not know?) They usually bring such knowledge from the street that their parents do not need to be educated)

    Explain delicately if it is still small: Each woman has a small passage from which blood flows once a month. It is so inherent in nature and if this did not happen, then you would not be there either.

    You settled in your mom’s tummy, and then you went out through that too.

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