How to open a Visa card at Sberbank?

How to open a Visa card at Sberbank?

  • It is very easy to open a Visa card at Sberbank. Come, take the queue, if electronic - choose a ticket and wait for the call. Then go to a specialist and say that you want to open a Visa card at their bank. Then they will tell you everything, fill it in. Just don't forget your passport and, just in case, SNILS (pension insurance certificate). The map is made for two weeks. She opened it herself four months ago.

  • Come to the branch of the Savings Bank convenient for you with a passport and say I want to issue a card, they will arrange everything for you and help you choose a card that is beneficial for you, and they will say approximately when it is ready, also an SMS notification comes in about readiness, come with your passport and get it. Decorated in March, was ready in a week.

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