How to move a heavy cabinet on linoleum?

How to move a heavy cabinet on linoleum?

  • We recently moved a four section cabinet in this way: we moistened the floors under the cabinet and up to the place where we were going to put it (only very neatly)

  • I moved a cabinet weighing about 200 kg into one. The process technology was as follows. Using the crowbar as a lever, first lifted one side of the cabinet, slipped polished chipboard under the legs. Then he did the same on the other side. In order not to damage the cabinet, I put wooden blocks under the scrap. Linoleum was rubbed with liquid soap. On a "sled" made of chipboard on soap, I easily moved one cabinet, and then pulled out the chipboard in the reverse order. If the size of the room does not allow using the crowbar as a lever, you can take a car jack. By the way, with the help of a jack, log cabins weighing a ton or more are moved, so the cabinet is easy.

  • you can put slices of potatoes or a beet under the legs, you can felt it, to improve sliding

  • For such cases, I have a piece of carpet on a white backing - you put the cabinet on it one by one, lifting one side or the other, and then carry it all over the apartment - I move the washing machine in such a way and the refrigerator.

    The main thing is that the carpet is long enough and can be pulled while standing and always on a substrate - it glides very well.

  • If the cabinet has legs, then put a plastic cover under each leg (such as we close ordinary cans), and if without legs, then put two round sticks under the cabinet (for example, a shovel handle) and roll the cabinet, rearrange the sticks as you go.

  • It is very easy to roll furniture on linoleum. We put plastic covers for cans under the furniture and wet the floor with water along the expected path of furniture movement. By reducing the resistance, the furniture will move effortlessly. Linoleum will not be collected by an accordion (wave) and will not deteriorate.

  • There is a proven folk way for moving heavy objects, which we have used more than once when rearranging home furniture. These are pieces of bacon on the skin. Placed under the legs of the heaviest cabinets, such pieces helped to easily move weights on any surface, leaving no scratches and making this process easy to do.

    The easiest way to move furniture is also just a wet rag placed under a pair of legs, provided that the floor surface is sufficiently smooth. There are also more perfect ways for those who like to move something in the house, like special protectors, such as the Bradex "Transporter"

    How to move a heavy cabinet on linoleum?

  • There is the simplest and most reliable method for carrying heavy cabinetry. All other methods are good, but they do not guarantee the main thing - the safety of the linoleum and the cabinet itself.

    A double wardrobe weighs about 85 kilograms. For two men of normal (not necessarily Schwarzenegger) physique, the load on each will be about 43 kg.

    We take the usual parachute slings in the garage, from a friend, from a neighbor, thread them under the cabinet on both sides and move the cabinet to the right place, not forgetting to close or fix the doors with tape

    By the way, instead of slings, you can use sheets, duvet covers or a car cable.

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