How to disinfect children's toys?

How to disinfect children's toys?

  • Wash and dry the toys well.

  • Pour water into a basin, add toys. And then add in there hydrogen peroxide, which is sold at the pharmacy. Let it stand for five minutes. Then you can reach, dry and play. The toys will be disinfected, there will be no trace of detergents on them, there will be no foreign smell. This solution is not strong enough to spoil or discolor plastic or other materials.

  • Plastic toys are easy to disinfect in boiling water; special baby wipes are also sold in the pharmacy for this case. Stuffed toys can be disinfected using a washing machine, each toy has a label, and on it you can read at what temperature to wash toys. Well, that's the principle and that's it!

    How to disinfect children's toys?

  • The most correct way is a soapy soda solution. Dilute 1k 1 soda and soap (soda ash), then everything in a basin, then see how much water you need. Don't skimp on soap and soda.

    Soak the toys for at least 15 minutes, you can rub them in the solution with a brush, then rinse under running water.

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