What kind of mop to buy for cleaning the floor in an apartment?

What kind of mop to buy for cleaning the floor in an apartment?

  • Each mop has its own pros and cons. If you need to wash in hard-to-reach places, it is better with a round nozzle and ropes, since the rest cannot always get to the most intimate corners of the room.

    If you have a spacious apartment and a minimum of furniture, then you can quickly wash the floor with a foam pad or a regular wooden rag. Disadvantages of foam rubber - it can dry and sometimes needs to be soaked for a long time before cleaning. In addition, the nozzle itself can eventually come off at the attachment point and you need to buy a new nozzle and change it.

    A self-wringing mop is a good option, but the price doesn't always justify the goal.

    So my answer is: the best mop is a rag... We stretched it out with our arms and forward. And in hard-to-reach places it will be clean. But not everyone will like this wet cleaning, since you have to crawl. But exercise is never superfluous.

  • I don’t know what kind of mop you are using, I bought it in the online store "KlinMall" or "CleanMALL" washes ideally I recommend it.

  • The best mop ever - self-wringing! As you look at her work - it washes everything perfectly, though, probably, it costs money, but, apparently, it will creep into all corners. In general, women do a lot of household chores, especially cleaning, so self-squeezing a mop is a good solution!

  • Previously, I used not expensive China mops, they are sold everywhere in the markets and in the Metro and in Okay and in other stores, but then the quality deteriorated so much that, despite the very affordable price, I don’t want to buy: then the case breaks and can injure, it is wrung out sponge. Therefore, I stopped buying them altogether. Then I bought a mop and all sorts of adaptations and rags to it (I don't remember the name - I bought it in the super market) but later there were no replaceable rags for this mop, although the price was solid, the supplier was brought ...

    buy a mop from White Cat (three in one - can be used to clean windows)

    I am satisfied, especially since I use less chemistry now.

    If suddenly there is something of a higher quality and, moreover, cheaper, I will be glad!

  • I bought a lot of different ones, both expensive and not very, and with a bucket and without, but settled on this. More convenient, better and faster. When doing repairs, it was necessary to wipe the dust from the walls. I bought one. But it turned out that it is more convenient for her to wash the floor. Maneuvers well. And it costs 150-200 rubles.

    What kind of mop to buy for cleaning the floor in an apartment?

  • I also bought it from Kira - and in the picture - my mother. It is not linoleum and it is wonderful for her, but on the floor carpet, it is necessary, as it were, with a narrow part to be carried over to yourself! But I am satisfied with her, I will have to go and buy myself, it costs something less than three hundred rubles.

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