Leggings, what are they?

Leggings, what are they?

  • Leggings is a combination of leggings and jeans with certain qualities:

    Leggings, what are they?

    • stretch perfectly thanks to the impurity in the composition of elastane,
    • shape the figure, you can forget about hanging sides (plus a high waist),
    • no lightning,
    • they are thinner than denim material,
    • they look like jeans, with scuffs and folds (a fake, of course, but the print on them is exactly that),
    • easy to wash
    • do not restrain movement.

    A promotional video showing all the advantages of a ledge:

  • Same as Jeggings. Well, specifically, something in between jeans and leggings. Jeans that stretch, and instead of a zipper and buttons on top, they have an elastic belt. Very comfortable, by the way! They even come in a warmed version, they have a fur or warm pile layer inside them.

  • This is a kind of clothing, a cross between jeans and leggings.

    In my opinion, these clothes are designed for young girls and very, very beautiful and slender young women.

    For such young ladies, about whom they say with admiration: "What a beauty, a figurine, like a porcelain figurine, precise by the hand of a master!"

    Apparently the desire to become such a beauty makes Russian women with an effort to pull on this rubberized fabric, flaunting overweight bodies, especially the front part, thinking that it is attractive to men.

    It's amazing how advertising affects the brain.

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