Do people change with age and different life circumstances?

Do people change with age and different life circumstances?

  • Changes are possible for anyone, but a lot depends on a particular person - it depends on how he perceives the situation that has happened to him. Some people become more flexible, learn to notice more, react faster and more accurately, and some only become even more angry and become more cruel, believing that the world is mocking him - this is the inability to overcome their selfishness. We are all different because we react differently to the same things. A person with a bad character can be corrected, but a specific character can only be corrected in a specific case. The fact that he became this is the reason that one day he could not cope with his difficulties as a result of which he became embittered ...

  • I always thought no. But it turned out this is what.

    My father, by the type of nervous system, has always been a choleric and, moreover, a rude choleric. He suppressed the weak with his eyes and words, he dealt with the strong with rudeness. He was not brilliant in education, but he was never a fool, he enjoyed authority at work. I was "ossified", although I read books like "Believers and Unbelievers". And with every book I read, ending it, he exclaimed: "No, there is no God." Well, almost like our Zhirinovsky. It was so until he married a second time after the death of my mother (i.e., his wife). His new wife was a woman with two higher educations (teacher and economist), very caring, loving, a lot with her own hands able to do. She worked as a teacher in an orphanage. And at the same time she was very religious. Not a devout, but a true believer. She knew all the holy books, understood these issues. And so, with love, day after day and hour after hour, she, answering the main questions of life, led him to the realization that God exists and God loves us. Gradually, he began to change. I saw him once a year, because how they lived in Ukraine (this was their homeland). Every year he came all the more humble and humble, all the quieter and kinder. He quit smoking a long time ago, living with a new wife. He never raised his voice, was available for any conversation, did not be rude, did not scandal, did not cast hateful glances. He changed a lot for the better. They lived together for 10 years. He became seriously ill (oncology) and when he was offered an operation, after which he could live for a long time, he said: "Apparently, God is calling me to him, the time has come." He refused the operation and died soon after. He was 69 years old. The kingdom of heaven to him.

    We, his family, did not even discourage him. Rather, our conversations had no effect. This is how man has changed.

    Much later, I remembered how then we didn’t tell my father the best parable, maybe it’s an anecdote when the Newly Appeared in the next world appeared before God and asked: “Lord, why did you call me to yourself so early, didn’t save me from death? " And God answered him: "Why, I, after all, I sent you a boat (both a car and a helicopter), and you refused. This was my help. How else?"

    This is how my father changed so much, thanks to this woman who managed to instill in him faith in God, he changed to such an extent that he even neglected life, for the sake of the Kingdom of God. This means that there is an opportunity for a person to change, and to change him. We just don't know the methods or don't know how to use them. With thoughts from the outside in the brain, it is necessary to trample such paths-paths (convolutions - grooves) in a particular person so that these grooves become deep and wide and good and correct thoughts themselves would flow along them. This is not a fairy tale, it is a reality.

  • Age leaves an imprint on a person's character and a wise person can hardly remind himself of what he was 20-30 years ago, some lose their intolerance to other people's shortcomings, others, life embitters, others become kinder, etc., sometimes it is enough. fact, circumstances for a person to reconsider their views and change completely, for example, after clinical death, many people begin to appreciate the whole world around them, try not to waste their lives on trifles, some become devout. Failures in the life of an optimist can turn into a skeptic and vice versa, a modest person having received power, wealth turns into a snobby, arrogant bureaucrat, so we can say that people change with age.

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