Can I file for my maintenance and alimony while I'm married?

Can I file for my maintenance and alimony while I'm married?

  • Sure you may. The collection of alimony with divorce has nothing in common - this is a separate civil office work, under a separate article of the UK. You need to apply with a statement of claim to the court at your place of residence.

  • You can apply for alimony without divorce. Moreover, you can apply for alimony not only for the maintenance of the child, but also for your own maintenance in this case.

    The law establishes that if the spouse evades maintenance obligations, then the wife can file for alimony for the joint child and for herself if she is pregnant and within 3 years after the birth of the joint child.

  • Yes, you can. Apply for child support while married can. You go to the magistrate and write a statement. In it, you indicate that your husband is not involved in your maintenance. You will receive 25% of income for a child, a fixed amount for yourself.

  • Yes, of course, you can apply for alimony while married, and be sure to do this since it does not date money for your maintenance, you can also apply for maintenance of yourself until the child is 3 years old. If your husband has a large salary and is paid clean, then submit from the salary, but if most of it is in an envelope, then submit for a fixed amount.

  • I do not understand when a man does not give money for maintenance, but at the same time he himself calmly eats and sleeps.

    If it works officially, then everything is done very quickly.

    you just need to come to his work and write a statement at the office, come with the documents. Your next salary will already be transferred to the card, to the account (which you provide). This is what my friend did. If the work is not official, then it is a little more problematic, you will have to talk to the authorities, in the court you will probably talk.

  • Yes, you can. And I did just that. You just need to submit an application and come to court. At least that was the case before.

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