Why is a gypsy never fun at her wedding?

Why is a gypsy never fun at her wedding?

  • These people lead a very closed way of life, but some interesting facts still leak out, thanks to the same Internet, where they willingly post their weddings. So, at no wedding is it seen that the bride is cheerful, smiling. One longing and hopelessness in the eyes. Maybe this is the way it should be, I will not argue, but I think there are other reasons for that.

    They try to marry the gypsy woman early - at the age of 19 she is considered an old maid and is not needed by anyone. The parents choose the groom, and he is not confronted with the fact. It is not accepted to meet with the gypsies, it is out of harm's way, she can generally see the groom only at the wedding. That is, in person, a forced marriage.

    Second, the gypsy leaves her father's house forever. The families of the gypsies are large, and of course, she has to part with her beloved brothers and scares, and this is a difficult test for a young girl - sometimes she and her relatives cry sobbingly at a wedding.

    Third, the wedding is over, the short childhood is over. She is now the breadwinner, the breadwinner of the family.

    And, the last thing that doesn’t fit in my head, the gypsy woman will not see her relatives until she has a baby!

    Poor girls!

  • Unmarried girls live pretty well in their parents' house, regardless of whether the family is poor or rich. With regards to modern gypsies, an unmarried woman can wear trousers and jeans up to 20 years old, an unmarried woman is not forced to work around the house - to cook, wash, clean up for the whole family. If she does something, then only at will, or in the form of feasible help to elders.

    But with marriage, a gypsy woman begins a not entirely cheerful life - you can't put on pants anymore, you can hardly sit with her friends, in her husband's house a gypsy woman becomes a worker for all members of his family, and as I saw, married gypsy women plow like horses, in the kitchen and around the house, cleaning up after everyone, washing, washing, cooking, carrying weights.

    Only pregnant women and those who have recently given birth are exempted from housework. Gypsies take care of children and nursing mothers. Therefore, for a married gypsy woman, pregnancy is complete happiness. They give gifts to a woman in labor, she will not be forced to do hard work, and everyone rejoices in every new child if the gypsy is a respectable wife.

    The only girl in the family may not be married for a long time, since she is usually the favorite of parents and brothers. And the only girl will never be forced to marry. With a high degree of probability, she has a chance to receive not only secondary education, but also a specialty. And she may even be allowed to marry someone other than a gypsy.

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