Why is it bad to solve problems only as they come?

Why is it bad to solve problems only as they come?

  • Problem solving is NOT bad at all. It is stupid NOT to understand that today's problems were created by you, in the past, by your actions, and even worse, today, to do things and not think about their consequences, in the future ... there is no getting away from this ... That is why it is necessary think before doing something ... No one canceled the law of cause-and-effect relationships ...

  • I believe that more correct after all, solve problems as they come... Do not bother with the fact that it may not happen, this can never be good affect healthConsidering the fact that usually, on the eve of some problems, only bad variants of events that might occur "climb" into the head. Therefore, it is better to try calm down and not "get excited"in advance, moreover, it is not always possible to influence what has not happened yet.

  • Not all problems can be solved before they arrive.

    For example: V. Tokareva seems to have the following phrase "If there are dishes - there are problems, if there are no dishes - there are no problems." More often than not, the concept of "solving problems as they come" means the absence of untimely worries and attempts to insure against troubles that may not be there. Let us recall at least the heroine of T. Dogileva in the film "The Blonde Around the Corner", not sobbing over the death of her son, who is not even in the project yet.

    Perhaps you mean that it’s bad to let things go by themselves, but then that’s a completely different question. Of course, it is better not to do this, although not everyone and not always succeed. This should not be done because an unresolved problem tends to grow additional problems. So a flailing computer can finally break down just at the moment when you urgently need to finish some work on nm. And without handing over this work, a person does not receive money for its execution, cannot buy something badly needed, and so on ... Thus, one problem generates a whole series of troubles that also need to be solved.

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