Why is the child nervous and inappropriate?

Why is the child nervous and inappropriate?

  • Non-standard behavior of a child, more often than not, is a consequence. You need to look for the reason. When, how long ago, after which the child began to behave this way. It can be stress, fear, moving, divorce of parents, change of kindergarten, change of school, there can be many reasons. The main thing is not to let everything go by chance. Problems like snowball are bigger further. You can go for a consultation with a psychologist, it will not get worse, and most likely there will be a solution.

  • Probably because he doesn't know how to pray ... and spends a lot of time in front of the TV.

    And how can a TV set teach a child something good?

    Moreover, it is worth paying attention to the behavior of the parents of this "difficult" child. Maybe they (or one of them) themselves are often angry and annoyed over trifles - so the child takes such a negative example from his family.

  • Perhaps he is oligophrenic. The reasons are different. The behavior of the child generally falls under the symptoms of a crazy schizophrenic. This day is considered the norm. Talking with toys and running around the apartment is in the order of things for children. And from the outside it looks like madness and savagery. I think the answer to your question is trivial. Reebok is nervous and behaves inappropriately because he is a child. There are a million reasons. Developmental retardation, hormones make him behave this way, experiences stress, may be humiliated in kindergarten, internal experiences, misunderstanding of the child's parents, poor upbringing, etc.

  • Who decided that the child was behaving inappropriately? If a child behaves differently from you personally, this does not mean that he is inadequate. It is possible that you are inadequate because you behave differently than a child.

    Children copy the behavior of others unconsciously. Take a closer look at those people who served as an example for the child. Cartoon characters are a vivid example for children. Observe who he copies - Sponge Bob, his friends or enemies, Tim's cat or Jerry the mouse, someone from the Cogs family, or Barboskins, maybe the child was impressed by someone from Madagascar or the Ice Age, from Shrek (?) ... Some children copy the Sloth, although his behavior may seem inappropriate to adults.

    What behavior do you like, then demonstrate to the child from uterine period to his 18 years.

    Exclude examples of inappropriate behavior in your opinion from the child's life. Or, at least, explain often by example what is good and what is bad.

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