How much is a bucket of potatoes 10 liters in Ukraine 2016?

How much is a bucket of potatoes 10 liters in Ukraine 2016?

  • Some prohibitive prices for potatoes are announced here.

    I just bought potatoes the day before yesterday, October 2016, XNUMX, and not at the bazaar, but in the supermarket near the house (this is Kharkiv, a residential area of ​​the city - Saltovka).

    Below is the check (in the sense of the sticker that was on the grid with potatoes) - the price per kilogram of potatoes is visible on nm - it is one hryvnia 99 kopecks, well, 2 hryvnia per kilogram, roughly speaking.

    The grid is five-kilogram.

    In general, I bought five kilograms for 10 hryvnia, respectively, in a ten-liter bucket, if the authors of the previous answers write correctly, potatoes would fit 6-8 kilograms, or 12-16 hryvnias.

    Surely even in Kharkov there are other prices, but this is just the supermarket closest to me and the price in nm is 2 hryvnia per kilogram of potatoes,

    well, or, at the current exchange rate of 8 US cents;

    or 5 Russian rubles.

    Here is a photo of a sticker from this potato bought the day before yesterday.

    How much is a bucket of potatoes 10 liters in Ukraine 2016?

  • In Cherkassy, ​​grandmothers have three or four hryvnias per kilogram on the market, cheaper on the wholesale market. The last time I bought a young one in the summer in May was from 10 to 15 hryvnia per kilogram in June 7-5 and then I don’t know, because my country house has already appeared and now, until spring, I should not be interested in the price of potatoes.

  • Marvel at the yak cartooplya.

    There are different varieties of potatoes. Something, but I haven't bought a bulb for a long time, since there is a village, we have stocked up 10 sacks of cartopen, the rest of the granny has been successfully sold to local traders.

    If you buy potatoes in online store Nash Krai, a kilogram will be released at 4 hryvnia. Large potatoes, 10-6 kilograms will fit into a 8-liter bucket. So pay UAH 20-30.

    At the bazaar prices are 3-4 hryvnia per kg. If you go to the village, you can buy from old women and cheaper, for example, two hryvnias.

  • In a bucket, on average, seven to eight kilograms, one kilogram costs from five hryvnia, the most expensive is an American and a michurinka. It turns out that if you are not too picky about the variety and quality, then in Ukraine you can buy a bucket of potatoes for about 35 hryvnia.

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