Shrink child in a year nalyso or not?

Shrink child in a year nalyso or not?

  • And I heard that children are cut only for the reason that up to a year their hair grows unevenly - there is a bun, here a bun, there it is shorter, here it is longer. So they cut them off completely in order to eliminate these "irregularities".

    But from my own experience I will say this: if you have no problems with this, then it is not necessary to deprive the child of the hair, especially the girl. My daughter already had such a magnificent head of hair by the year that I left her without thinking. She and now spit thicker than me))

  • I think if the hair is good, then you do not need to cut it. My daughter had sparse, fair hairs that grew unevenly. But I was sorry to cut. Scissors trimmed in 1,5 year. Hair became thicker, darker.

  • I subscribe to the above. There is no need to cut, the benefit from this will be 0, or even harm. I cut my oldest child a year on the instructions of my mother, but the two younger ones did not. The average son's hair was downy until two years old, but now it is thick and curly. My daughter also has good steel, she is now 3 years old. We only trim the ends and trim the bangs. In our yard there is a girl who, apparently, like yours, was the owner of curls in infancy, now at the age of five she has luxurious long curly hair. Her mother hadn't cut her hair since birth. Therefore, people here correctly noticed that we are a mother, not your mother-in-law. If your arguments do not work for her, tell her that you have consulted a doctor. Don't disfigure the child :)

  • In children up to about 2-3 years old (some even longer), vellus hair predominates. Over time, this hair is replaced with real hair. A haircut does not in any way affect the thickness of the hair or its thickness. So it's up to you to cut or not cut, especially since you are a mother, not your mother-in-law) I did not cut my daughter, only bangs. Now she is 2 years old and her hair is much better than it was from birth.

  • Since my birth I had beautiful curly blond hair, in a year they shaved my head, as a result, curly hair no longer grew and there was no use. I remember from the words of the parents that they later regretted that they had shaved; it was clear that before shaving the hair was much better))

  • Argued that if the baby in one year, shave his head, then he will continue to grow thick and healthy hair. Is it so? There are different points of view regarding this issue. Some approve of cutting children at an early age; others strongly oppose it.

    Trichologists say that improving the condition of children's hair as a result of hair cutting is a myth. Cutting this way can damage the root hair follicles, which can result in the hair becoming thinner and more brittle.

    In the post-war years, with the aim of preventing the lice, children were often shorn baldly, and this later became a custom. Note that, often, it is the older generation that recommends that young parents cut their head to a one-year-old child.

    Scientists have long proved that the main characteristics of hair types are determined on the basis of the laws of heredity. Even any hairdresser will tell you that the quality of hair growth does not depend on the experiments conducted by parents with a haircut, but only on hereditary factors.

    If the tips of the hair split, tangled strands are formed, then children's hairs can be simply shortened, which will also contribute to their faster growth. A haircut can only worsen the normal process of their growth.

    It is important for parents to understand that with a haircut it is impossible to change what is already laid by nature at the genetic level. After all, every person is unique!

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