What is the difference between a house in a village and an apartment in a city?

What is the difference between a house in a village and an apartment in a city?

  • A house in a village costs much less than a normal apartment in a city.

    The house is on the ground, but the apartment will not necessarily be on the 1st floor.

    The house can be "grown, the apartment is also possible, but more difficult (due to the lengthening of the rooms, from the 2nd floor - on piles).

    The air in the village is cleaner than in any city.

    Everyone chooses where he is more comfortable to live.

  • The very first difference is the ecology :) there will always be clean air in the villages, and in the city it is filled with gases and chemistry. You can do whatever you want in the house and you can attach and remodel, you can make the second floor to expand the house. There is also a courtyard and a bathhouse and a garage, a shed where animals can be bred and a vegetable garden. And in the apartment there is not much to remake, only rearrangements can be done or not to attach and not to remake everyone is audible through the walls and not much to roam, they can evoke a tradition.

  • A house in a village is a separate building that belongs entirely to you on the basis of ownership rights, as well as the land plot under and around the house. In the city, an apartment is only part of a huge house, and you are one of the many owners of this house, that is, in fact, you live in a hostel. This is already a huge plus of the house in the village. A house in the village allows you to be more in nature, to work harder, because in your house there will always be things to do about the household and the garden. There is cleaner air and brighter than a star. But in the village there is much weaker infrastructure, there are fewer shops, entertainment, less choice of activities for free time, so it is convenient to live in the village having your own transport, which is easy to get to the nearest city if necessary.

  • There are two differences. First, there is a house, and here is an apartment. Secondly - there in the village, and here - in the city. Did I answer your question?

  • living in a house in a village, you do not worry about the fact that you can be flooded by neighbors from the top, (or you are neighbors from below). space, unlimited freedom, you want to shout, you want to dance until the morning .. and with neighbors, as a rule, good relations (and in a city apartment, you can live for decades without knowing your neighbors). and nature, fresh air. you can plant a flower gardener, garden, vegetable garden on the site. in a word, a house is always better than an apartment.

  • The difference is huge! Both one and the other have their pros and cons. For me, of course, an apartment in the city is better, since in the city itself there are more opportunities in all spheres of life. But in a village house (if it is comfortable) it is better to live in old age. Fresh air, fishing, mushroom picking. Therefore, while buying an apartment in the city, and in the future it will be seen.

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