Does the treasury allocate money to the kindergarten for the purchase of hygiene products?

Does the treasury allocate money to the kindergarten for the purchase of hygiene products?

  • How did we survive in the Soviet Union without all these bags and wet wipes, forgive us, the contents of the pots were less dangerous?) There was toilet paper and bar soap on every sink and nothing, alive.

    Yes, the state allocates funds for the purchase of household chemicals, go to your OSIP department and find out how much and in what time frame. Honestly, I am annoyed by all these hand over to repair the garden, hand over to repair the school. Yes, I did not break them, Christmas trees, sticks. It's just that household chemicals are still not such a costly item in comparison with the same educational materials, so it is easier to pass it so that your child does not hear in the general group that your mother “squeezed” 27 rubles for a bar of soap.

  • Maybe in some kindergarten and isolated, but not in ours. I went, found out in the accounting department, no receipts for hygiene products were received. A certain amount was planned for repairs. but it was not all gone to repair the roof. Therefore, we, parents, hand over toilet paper, soap, and powder. The teachers' salaries are not large, they will not be able to buy all this. Our children shouldn't go dirty. Unfortunately, at school the picture is no better (((

  • Yes, money is allocated for detergents, it is easy to find out: go to the accounting department of the Education Department and they will tell you how much.

  • The treasury allocates money for repairs, but their amount is very lame. The budget also allocates a certain amount for household chemicals, which is rather small.

    But napkins and toilet paper are asked to bring parents.

    They donate money for toys, but very little, so we just ask the parents to donate a little.

    If someone is against it, we do not force it.

    (Kindergarten worker).

  • We buy everything ourselves, inside and out. As a collection, so is a collection of money.

  • stand out, but not as much as we would like, and the quality can be poor. They should buy by tenders, and there they give all sorts of rubbish at a low price. I am a state employee, however, the sphere is different, but I know the kitchen. Therefore, you may be asked to buy some funds.

    We don't buy detergents in the kindergarten, but we brought shower gel (after the pool) and toilet paper.

    As for toys, there is nothing to ask. You yourself understand how quickly it breaks down or how quickly the next one gets bored. How many of them you buy, there will be little. therefore, I would advise you to collect a fixed amount per month and buy with it.

    Repairs are also financed by the state. And if you were forced to do it, to take the child, you need to write a complaint.

  • They don't highlight anything. In the garden we were given lists of what we need to buy for a year.

  • Of course it allocates like any other government agency.

    For example, college students do not require chalk or a means for cleaning floors.

    But in many kindergartens they are silent about it, they drag the sun home. But this is only for the time being.

    An acquaintance of mine worked in a kindergarten, she said that the most elementary bleach, toilet paper, even sometimes homestays fall.

    It is necessary to complain that in kindergartens such accessories are required to higher authorities. In the kindergarten next to the house, they stopped demanding household chemicals from their parents after numerous complaints from the parents. It turns out that they all appeared in a mysterious way)

  • Do not forget in what country you live, everyone is stealing from us. And this is considered the norm. So if your child's condition is more important to you than money. It’s better to spend and buy. After all, you will not prove anything anyway. And if you try, it will only make you worse. After all, in the end, they will infringe on your children.

  • It probably depends on the region. We have a poor region and district, so all toys are only at the expense of parents, as well as napkins and toilet paper. Mom works in the garden as a "nanny" and buys all the chemistry at her own expense, only bleach is given out. Beddings, linens and towels are treasury, but pillows and blankets are still from Soviet times, probably.

  • The educators told us that they were allocated funds, but not enough, not enough, and they asked us, the parents, to take turns to buy the necessary detergents from the list. It turned out in terms of the amount not very much (400 rubles), so we bought everything.

  • Allocate funds from the budget, that's for sure. How accurate is the fact that for this money you cannot buy everything in sufficient quantities, and prices have grown, that the amounts included in the budget are not taken into account. So the parents themselves contribute money or they take money with their own money and bring it to the kindergartens. We have brought and are bringing quality toilet paper, liquid baby soap, wet wipes, paper napkins and towels. Of course, this is not provided by law, but what to do, but if parents experience great material difficulties, permanent or temporary, then they are not forced to buy all this.

  • I worked in a kindergarten and therefore I know that the kindergarten receives funds for the purchase of household chemicals. The question is - where do they put it. Once, my nanny and I accidentally saw the caretaker in the back room. So this back room was filled to the brim with pemolux, soap and domestics. They didn't give us anything, they demanded that the parents bring everything to the group for their money. This is wrong. Complain to the Department of Education. After such a complaint from parents, we were forbidden to ask parents for detergents and began to allocate crumbs from the garden ...

  • Yes, Kozna allocates it all, but according to not old rules, the kindergarten itself has been buying the same detergent for a long time, it was just by sanpin that they concluded that ordinary detergents for the same children's dishes are not suitable and the kindergarten allocates funds for the purchase of these funds. I don’t know about your region, but in our city, parents don’t rent for a long time. As for toys, the question is more complicated. Since each kindergarten rules in its own way.

  • Allocated probably and not only for chemistry and repairs, too, should not be done by parents. When we entered kindergarten, we brought a bunch of everything. And the parents also did the repairs on their own and for their own money. And it got to the point that the bed must be brought. And the main thing that killed was the packing of office paper for the manager's personal use.

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